A Complaint Filed against Amira Iraqi Who Won the First Position at Egypt’s Thanawya Amma

A lawyer has filed an urgent complaint to the state security prosecution against Amira Iraqi who achieved first position and got the highest marks at the exams of Egypt’s General Certificate of Secondary Education (Thanawya Amma) in this year, Al-Wafd reported.

The lawyer described the top student as, “a traitor” after she said during a TV interview via a telephone call with an opposition TV channel that she wouldn’t accept Al-Sis’s invitation to honor her. Amira’s father, who is a professor of Kidney and Renal Tract Surgery at Mansoura University, was arrested by the Egyptian security forces for his opposition to the military coup d’etat led by Abdel-Fattah Al-Ssi in 2013 against the first democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi.

However, the lawyer who filed the complaint against Amira,  accused her of treason for expressing her refusal to accept an invitation – if it happened-  from Al-Sisi in protest against her father’s detention and the killing of hundreds of Egyptians following the military coup in 2013. “She received her education on the Egyptian territory until she succeeded in Thanawya Amma and won the first position,” the lawyer said, adding that , “She is the daughter of a Muslim brotherhood ‘terrorist’.”. The Egyptian authorities declared the Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest political opposition party in Egypt, as “terrorist” after the military coup in 2013.

In addition, the lawyer accused Amira of appearing in a TV interview via a telephone call at one of the opposition TV channels allegedly Pro-Muslim Brotherhood, where she was hosted by TV Presenter Mohamed Nasser who was described by the lawyer also as “a traitor” who fled to Turkey.

The lawyer said in his complaint that when Mohammed Naser asked Amira Iraqi whether she will accept Abdel al-Fattah al-Sisi ‘s invitation to honor her on the excellence in the Thanawya Amma result, she replied saying,” I refuse to meet al-Sisi because he is a murderer and a traitor, and he has to be put on trial and to be executed.”

The lawyer said he accused Amira of insulting  al-Sisi as well as inciting people against him. He also accused her of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Amira Iraqi, is the daughter of renowned professor Dr. Ibrahim Al-Iraqi, who is imprisoned in one of Egypt’s jails for opposing the military coup and for being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

When Amira appeared in a telephone interview with the T.V. presenter Mohammed Naser, she said that she didn’t receive any call from the Minister of Education to greet her on her excellence, which is a tradition of the Egyptian Education Ministry throughout the years.

The top student on Thanawya Amma also said that al-Sisi’s regime has arrested and detained many youths who also got high grades in the General Certificate of Secondary Education despite the harsh jail conditions. She also explained that she would refuse to meet al-Sisi if he invited her to honor her for her excellent results because he killed and murdered thousands of people and youths.

Since the military coup in 2013 led by Abdel al Fattah al-Sisi against the first democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi , the Egyptian regime launched massive crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood and all the political opposition to the military rule. Thousands were killed while others were detained in Egypt’s junta jails where they were tortured, insulted and faced death due to medical negligence