Jordanian Anti- Normalization Group Slams Israeli Official Remarks Against Jordan

The Homeland Protection and Normalization Resistance Committee in Jordan has strongly denounced derogatory remarks made by a senior Israeli official against Jordan.

“Every once in a while, the Zionists release statements against Jordan, and the latest one was made by former minister of the Zionist army Moshe Ya’alon who said that ‘Israel protects the Palestinian Authority and Jordan from collapsing,'” head of the committee Manaf Mujali stated on Sunday.

Mujali added that such remarks reflected that the Israeli plots have no boundaries, describing Israel as a “cancerous tumor that needs to be fully removed.” He called on the Jordanian government to respond to such insulting Israeli remarks and revoke the Wadi Araba peace treaty.

In another context, Incident is second of its kind in past 12 months in which Hashemite authorities deny Israelis entry because of Jewish dress

Jordanian border authorities reportedly barred a group of Israeli tourists from entering the country last weekend because they were wearing Jewish skullcaps.

The group was reportedly planning to travel to the Tomb of Aaron the supposed burial place of the brother of Moses from the Bible, located near Petra.

In response to the incident a Foreign Ministry official said that after the previous incident, Jordan explained said it was a one-off mistake by border officials, and that regulations would be clarified. The Foreign Ministry diplomat told Channel 2 that Jerusalem was seeking clarification for the incident.

Last December Jordan’s border guards prevented an Israeli family from crossing into the Hashemite Kingdom because the husband and sons were wearing kippot, according to the wife.