Syria: Key Hezbollah founder killed by Syrian rebels

Key Hezbollah founder killed by Syrian rebels

Pro-Hezbollah media outlets announced on Friday the death of a leader in the ranks of Hezbollah, Ismail Ahmad Zohri, according to monitors.

This leader whose home town is Nabatiet al-Foqa is considered one of Hezbollah’s founding leaders. There were photos published for him that date back to the 1990s in which he is seen with the militia leader, Hassan Nasrallah.

On its part, Special Missions Companies, affiliated to opposition fighters, declared that it was behind the assassination of Hezbollah’s field operations leader in western Qalamoun.

In a statement, Special Missions Companies announced that it targeted the car of the leader commissioned to lead Hezbollah forces in western Qalamoun, and to lead the battle of recapturing Rankous, confirming that his car was directly hit.

It is worth mentioning that Hezbollah said in a statement mourning Zohri that he passed away after a fierce battle with a terminal illness.

The Iran-backed Hezbollah militia intervented in the Syrian crisis to support Bashar al-Assad in his war against the Syrian civilians. The militia helped Assad regime to achieve many victories over Syrian rebels espicially in Homs countryside. However, this intervention costed the militia a high price as third of its fighters are either killled or injured.