Syrian Crisis: Madaya is under Hezbollah siege again

Syrian Crisis: Madaya is under Hezbollah siege again

One-hundred eighty-three civilians have lost their lives because of the siege in the Hezbollah-besieged town of Madaya in Damascus western countryside, according to statistics released by Statistics Office in the town.

Civilian death cases were caused by hunger, illness, mines, and snipping while trying to escape the town. Snipping cases included women.

Victims included twenty children, four of them died because of the lack of milk and malnutrition. Another four newborns died because of the lack of incubators and mothers’ malnutrition. Also, four more children died along with their families because of the shelling, and three died by exploding mines, while another five died of malnutrition.

Activists documented thirty cases of abortion since the beginning of the siege on Madaya because of mothers’ malnutrition. The last case was a four-month-old embryo, according to the medical center in Madaya.

Medical Committee in Madaya called on all international organizations to immediately intervene to help the civilians in the towns of Bokkein and Madaya. It called on them to deliver medical and food aid, since the aid that was delivered two months ago has run out. The committee fears that civilians will starve and resort to eating leaves again.

In a different context, Assad and Hezbollah terrorists tried to advance from the southern Bokkein spring side in order to control water resources on the one side, and to separate Bokkein from Madaya on the other. Snipers were also deployed on rooftops, and an old man from Bokkein was killed.

The Iran-backed Hezbollah militia intervented in the Syrian crisis to support Bashar al-Assad in his war against the Syrian civilians. The militia helped Assad regime to achieve many victories over Syrian rebels espicially in Homs countryside. However, this intervention costed the militia a high price as third of its fighters are either killled or injured.