Hezbollah, Assad regime commit new crimes in Damascus countryside

Hezbollah, Assad regime commit new crimes in Damascus countryside

Assad regime and its allied Hezbollah militia escalated their offensives on various parts of Syria, especially in Damascus countryside, committing new crimes and harvesting more civilians lives.

Assad jet fighters intensified on Friday their air raids on Damascus eastern countryside, Orient News correspondent reported.

The air strikes started from the early morning hours and targeted multiple areas in eastern Ghouta. The attacks targeted the towns and cities of Douma, Shifonyya, Harasta and Misraba, which claimed the lives of a number of civilians, including a girl and a boy, and the injured many.

The road linking between Douma and Misraba has been cut off because of targeting it with shells by Assad regime forces.

In Misraba, three civilians were killed and a number of others were also injured, while a woman was killed in Damascus western countryside’s Darayya.

It is worth mentioning that eastern and western Damascus countrysides have been recently witnessing a series of vicious attacks by Assad regime forces with different types of weapons.

Assad regime forces and Hezbollah launched previously a new attack on Thursday on Hurayra village near al-Zabadani close to Qalamoun Mountains west of Damascus aiming at controlling the village and displacing its inhabitants.

The militants started storming the village in Damascus countryside after arresting some civilians and putting them in the front rows as human shields amid fierce artillery shelling causing opposition fighters to withdraw from the area to save civilians lives. This coincided with Assad jets hurling of two barrel bombs on the eastern mountain in al-Zabadani city, Orient correspondent Muhammed Abdul Rahman reported.

Hezbollah and Assad forces announced by loudspeakers that the 4000 civilians inside Hurayra village are given 24 hours to leave the area. Almost half of the families left their homes and directly after the 24 hours passed, Hezbollah and Assad forces started shelling the village and shooting indiscriminately at the remaining civilians.

The Iran-backed Hezbollah militia intervented in the Syrian crisis to support Bashar al-Assad in his war against the Syrian civilians. The militia helped Assad regime to achieve many victories over Syrian rebels espicially in Homs countryside. However, this intervention costed the militia a high price as third of its fighters are either killled or injured.