Gülen and His Terrorists! We Will Bury You in This Land!

By: Ibrahim Karagül*

A plan that desires to transform Turkey into an organizational state, a plan that desires to break up our country and our people, a plan that desires to turn our streets into pools of blood and civil war has just been invalidated.Gülen and his terrorists: The most disgusting state of betrayal

Gülen and his terrorists, Turkey’s greatest enemies who are an extension of the foreign intelligence network in our country, displayed the scummiest betrayal of our history in Anatolia.

They turned the people’s tanks and weapons on the people. They opened fire on people in the streets. They bombed the Parliament, the voice of the people. For the first time in history, they used Turkey’s warplanes on Turkey’s people. They bombed cities and the people within, closed bridges, opened fire onto crowds and committed a civil massacre.

They attempted to murder the President

That boss of terror gave instructions from Pennsylvania and ordered Turkey to be occupied. That schizophrenic boss of terror tried to turn Turkey into a blood bath. He directly attempted to murder the President. He took the Armed Forces General Chief of Staff hostage and held him in the Akıncı Military Base.

This terror boss trained and sent his suicide bombers into the streets; every one of them was ready to blast themselves in our streets. Those who trained him and those he trained, waged war on this great nation and this great country.

These vile traitors, these disgusting betrayers displayed the ugliest side to the human race.

This isn’t a coup attempt; This is an act of terror

This isn’t a coup attempt. This is a terror attack committed by an terrorist organization, which has branches throughout the world. This is the biggest terror attack in our history. They attempted to turn Turkey into Egypt. They planned to topple the Government, imprison thousands of people, establish fraudulent courts and perform executions.

Everyone who helped to establish this new Turkey would be rectified and imprisoned. Executions would start again. Many currently timid Western countries would then stand and applaud their so-called achievement.

Turkey was a fortress and it needed to be toppled. Turkey was the target of not only Gülen and his terrorists, but his masters, too. This country needed to be taken out of the equation. Then they would lay out the new map drafts of the area on the table. Turkey would then be under tutelage, would lose its willpower, resistance and its ability to challenge.

Millions, last night, fought in the war of independence

But our mighty nation resisted. Millions swarmed to the streets. They tramped all over these terror elements with rage and abomination. Everyone did their best.

They didn’t have weapons, but they had willpower and anger. Even the elderly hit the streets. In certain regions, all the people hit the streets and prevented the military tanks from roaming the streets. They closed streets with trucks and tractors. They sacrificed martyrs.

Turkey’s main backbone resisted once again. Once again, they saved their country. We fought a war of independence. We organized ourselves in a night and fought the war of independence.

Turkey was saved from occupation

Just like the time during the Gezi incidents, December 17 and PKK terrorism. That history writing willpower, strength and vein stood steadily. Just like it did for centuries. This willpower stood on these tanks, took over and tried to lynch them. Thousands of people stormed every point they tried to occupy. They stood as shields before the bullets and sacrificed their lives.

Thank God. Thank Allah. Turkey has been saved. Those rascals and their masters received the best answer they could.

This country, this nation spoiled their plan. They resisted together with their politicians, journalists, police, students, males and females.

They have to be held accountable for everything they staged

Once again, occupation has been unsuccessful against multinationalism. They drowned in their own scum. Hundreds are now being arrested. All the traitors are being collected; our nation will be cleaned from them. Turkey will be freed from these traitors.

They should all be collected and should all be accountable for everything they did.

I am looking at these treacherous military officers. At their faces… I am trying to figure out how one can be so characterless; how someone can be such a public enemy. They are Gülen’s slaves, just as Gülen is the slaves of others. They will do anything to please their master.

This country will make life unbearable for you

You will never succeed. You will never bring this country to its knees. You will not succeed in breaking that backbone. You will never succeed in stopping Turkey’s new journey. You can never carry out an operation on Turkey, never for another country! And if you tried you will be disgraced, you will be wasted.

This is the end of you…

An all-encompassing elimination is waiting for you. Life will be made unbearable for you here. You will pay a very heavy price for this treachery. Even your masters will not be able to save you. This is the end. Every time you make a coup attempt, you will find this nation standing against you. 78 million people will be standing against you. You will be damned, disgraced and belittled.

Yeni Şafak has a martyr

We have witnesses. We have many who ran to the streets and lost their lives. Some are people we know closely. Tens of people lost their lives only on the bridge. Mustafa Cambaz, our colleague at Yeni Şafak has lost his life. Erol Olçak and his 16-year-old son have lost their lives. There are many other friends and friends of friends who have lost their lives.

You will drown in this blood. That schizophrenic in Pennsylvania will drown in that blood, too. You will be repelled from our streets, you will not be able to receive a single greeting. Because you have committed the worst corruption in our history. We will never forget. We will never forgive. You will pay a heavy price for bombing the Parliament. You will be held accountable for bombing civilians with warplanes. This nation will bury you in this land. You will be cursed for years.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.
(Published in Yeni Şafak on July 16, 2016)