Bad security conditions in Sharm el-Sheikh

Concerns have been raised over security conditions at the Sharm el-Sheikh airport where Russian airliner KGL9268 set off before crashing in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula.

A British tourist told the Independent that he had been “offered the chance to pay £20 to skip queues and baggage checks” at the airport when he visited the tourist resort earlier in the year.

Dale Parkyn, a 47-year old from Yorkshire in the UK, said he and his wife had been approached by a man in military uniform and offered a chance to skip security.

“What we did is we discussed it and he then produced a £20 note and said, ‘Have you one of these’ and you can avoid the queue”, writes the Independent.

A British government spokesperson told the Independent that there was an “assessment of the security arrangements in place at the airport and to identify whether any further action is required.”

Fears over the lack of security on flights leaving Egypt has led to emergency measures from several airlines.

KLM also banned checked-in  luggage on an early flight from Cairo to Amsterdam on Thursday.

Passengers were only allowed to board flight KLM 554 with hand luggage, the airline said in a statement, adding that “based on national and international information and out of precaution KLM will not allow check-in luggage.”

EasyJet announced that it was halting its repatriation flights out of Sharm el-Sheikh, due to a decision by the Egyptian authorities.

The security concerns comes as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi continues his three-day visit to the UK.

Protesters both supporting and opposing the visit gathered outside Downing Street during the visit.

The opposing camp, largely organised by the Stop Sisi campaign group, have accused UK Prime Minister David Cameron of appeasing a dictator and called for the invitation to the UK to be rescinded.