After Voting for Russian UNSC Draft Resolution, Al-Sisi Says He Supports Al-Assad’s Army

After the Egyptian regime had voted in favor of a Russian-backed draft resolution in the UN Security Council on Syria, al-Sisi renewed his support to the Al-Assad regime which could increase tension in Egypt’s relations with Saudi Arabia and Arab Gulf allies, according to Associated Press.

During his interview with the Portuguese TV network RTP, Al-Sisi expressed support for Syrian Bashar al-Assad’s army.

Al-Sisi said that the Syrian government’s army forces are best positioned to combat terrorism and restore stability in the war-torn nation.

When al-Sisi was asked if he’d send Egyptian peacekeepers to Syria under a peace deal, he said that “it is better that the national army take responsibility” and that his priority is to “support the national army” of Syria.

In response, the Syrian ambassador in Russia, Riyad Haddad, welcomed the Egyptian role in resolving the Syrian crisis after al-Sisi had declared his support to the Syrian army.

“We expect a positive role from Egypt in resolving the Syrian crisis and we welcome the Egyptian efforts to put an end to terrorism in Syria,” Haddad told Sputnik, the Russian State-owned News Agency, adding, “We look at its role positively,” according to Cairo Portal.

Recently, Al-Sisi’s Egypt has become more involved in the Russian axis. Egypt announced in various occasions its stance towards the Syrian conflict which aligns in fact with Russia’s agenda and clearly diverts from Saudi Arabia’s stance.

At an earlier time, Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry admitted that there are differences with Saudi Arabia regarding Syria, stating that the reason is that each country has “different visions regarding changing the Syrian leadership.”

Shoukry’s comments came at the annual UN General Assembly meetings in New York, as he said, “Saudi Arabia adopts a position that focuses on changing the ruling system of government or to change the Syrian leadership. Egypt does not adopt this idea.”

Shoukry’s remarks were widely reported by Egyptian newspapers, noting that he also said: “We estimate that all the developments in the Syrian arena must lead to a new Syria that meets the desires of all…sides.”

Accordingly, it seems that Egypt is closer to the Russian stance regarding the Syrian crisis than from Saudi Arabia.

In the same context, tensions rose between Egypt and Saudi Arabia as a result of Egypt’s vote in favor of a Russian-backed draft resolution in the UN Security Council on Syria, which was opposed by Saudi Arabia.

As a result, Egypt’s stance angered Egypt’s major Gulf backer which condemned Egypt’s vote and described it as a “painful” stance.

After the voting, the Saudi ambassador to the UN, Abduallah al-Mouallimi said, “It was painful that the Senegalese and

Malaysian stance was closer to the Arab’s consensus than the Egyptian delegation.”

He also said that he feels pity for these countries that voted for the Russian resolution, stressing that his country will continue backing the Syrian people by all means.

Two days following the voting, Saudi state-owned oil company Aramco announced halting oil product supply to Egypt. The sudden halt, triggered a scornful media campaign against Saudi Arabia, as it was seen as a political decision.

On the other side, Saudi journalists and media men criticized the Egyptian regime and blamed the Kingdom for its financial generosity to al-Sisi regime.