Suspected war criminals not with al-Sisi

British anti-terrorist police have confirmed that none of the 43 top ministers and military aides who had command and control responsibility for the mass deaths that occurred in Cairo in August 2013 accompanied Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on his visit to London, writes Middle East Eye.

Sisi himself is immune to prosecution since he is head of state, but other members of his administration are not, unless they applied for and received special mission immunity from the Foreign Office.

In a letter to lawyers, the war crimes unit of SO15 wrote: “The War Crimes Team is not currently in possession of any information which would suggest that any of the 43 suspects, referred to us as part of the scoping exercise, are currently in this jurisdiction. The only exception is Mr el-Sisi, who, due to his position as head of state, has immunity.”

Last month Lieutenant General Mahmoud Hegazy, the chief of staff of the Egyptian Army, was given special mission immunity to come to the UK at the invitation of the Ministry of Defence.  The decision to give Hegazy immunity is being challenged in the courts on two counts.