Pakistan shoots down Iranian drone after crossing over border

An Iranian drone that crossed over into Pakistani territory on Wednesday was shot down, Islamabad said.

Pakistan shot down an unmanned Iranian drone inside its territory in southwestern Baluchistan province, Islamabad said on Wednesday.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry said it destroyed the Iranian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) after it crossed over the border on Monday.

“The drone was hit by Pakistan Air Force as it was unidentified and was flying at around 3-4 kms (1 to 2.5 miles) inside Pakistani territory,” it said.

The ministry said Islamabad has informed Tehran of its action.

Iran’s southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchistan, which borders Pakistan and Afghanistan, has been the scene of armed clashes in recent months between Iranian forces and Sunni militants.

In April, Tehran protested to Pakistan over a cross-border raid by armed rebels who killed 10 Iranian guards in the restive southeast.

Iran’s army chief issued a stark warning to neighbouring Pakistan saying it will strike bases over the border if Islamabad does not rein in anti-Tehran militant groups.

“We expect Pakistani officials to control the borders, arrest the terrorists and shut down their bases,” the Iranian general said in May, according to FARS news agency.

“If the terrorist attacks continue, we will hit their safe havens and cells, wherever they are.”

Last year, Iran claimed to have uncovered a huge “terrorist plot” by the militant Jaish al-Adl group.

In 2013, the little-known militant group killed 16 Iranian border guards during another raid.

In Sistan-Baluchistan, security forces also frequently clash with drug traffickers.

The province lies on a major transit route for opium and heroin being smuggled from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.