Hamas: Israel Will Pay for any Adventure against Gaza

Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, warned the Israeli occupation of any “adventure” against Gaza Strip, saying that Israel will pay dearly for any such act, according to Palestinian local agencies.

The Hamas leader Mushir al-Masri said that the latest threats made by Israeli Army Minister Avigdor Lieberman against Gaza and Hamas will not scare the Palestinians.

In statements quoted by the Hebrew media, Lieberman had threatened Hamas that any coming aggression on Gaza will terminate Hamas Movement in the Strip.

However, the Palestinian resistance takes those threats seriously and gets well-prepared for it, he underlined. Masri affirmed that the Israeli talk about establishing concrete walls along the border with Gaza in order to block resistance tunnels indicates the level of panic among Israelis by such tunnels.

A senior Israeli military source was quoted as saying that Israel’s next war with the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas would be the last.

“There will be no Hamas government [in the Gaza Strip] after that,” the source, who spoke anonymously, said, according to Israel’s Channel 7.

Israel would also prohibit construction of a seaport in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, he said, while going on to assert that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas — head of rival Palestinian faction Fatah — lacked any “political legitimacy”.