UN discusses violence against women in Istanbul

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoÄŸlu called for a multidimensional fight to end violence against women, describing the issue as a global problem.

The call took place during the UN summit in Istanbul entitled ‘Ending Violence against Women: Building on Progress to Accelerate Change.’

DavutoÄŸlu emphasized the need to change people’s mindset and restore moral values to end violence toward women, explaining that stricter laws would not be as effective in changing people’s views.

He also said that women suffer the most especially in conflict zones and are the first to pay the price of wars.

He suggested that the world should discuss how to use the new communication tools of this age to help to solve the issue.

According to the UN, one-in-three women around the world suffer from violence, and almost half of the women murdered each year by their partner or a member of their family.