Israel resumes construction of wall despite court ruling

Skärmavbild 2015-08-28 kl. 10.58.49

The Israeli nature authority objected to the decision of the war ministry to resume construction of the separation barrier near Beit Jala, south of Occupied Jerusalem, after the Supreme Court had invalidated the building of the barrier in that region and ordered the government to reconsider it, Haaretz reported Thursday.

A few days ago the Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) uprooted olive trees along the wall’s route.

On Wednesday the IOA carried out large-scale excavations in the area.

The Palestinians along with adjacent Christian monasteries and Israelis residing in the illegal settlement of Gush Etzion have objected to the construction of the separation wall saying it rather affects the environment and is unnecessary for Israel’s security.

The IOA resumed construction of the wall after years of deliberations with the Supreme Court that culminated in recommendations to reconsider the planned route of the separation barrier in the area.

The war ministry, however, resumed its work on the wall without altering its route, promising to leave a 200-meter gap in the wall near the local monasteries.