Column: Western occupation, ‘civil invaders’ and spreading the fight across the Arab world

İbrahim KaragülBY: İbrahim Karagül*

This occupation, while exploiting the country’s weaknesses, has rapidly spread throughout almost our entire region in the form of ethnic battles, sectarian separation and conflicts, border problems, source sharing, destabilizing scenarios through terrorist organizations, internal conflicts, tutelage problems of the regimes in the region, the disconnection between the masses and the regimes– and, as a matter of fact, in the form of enmity.

Major project: To push Muslims out of history, out the equation

All the crises which seem most like a “problem for the region” are actually the “major project,” an “outside intervention,” a geographical design that has spread through the 21st century; a century-old plan to erase Muslim countries and communities from history, from the equation.

As a matter of fact, a new 20th century has been designed for us in the 21st century. This is a design based on the siege of Islam, sieging countries, sieging Muslims and re-invading, taking them hostage and running the region that constitutes the main axis of the world, which constitutes of the temperate zone.

All the regional crises paving the way for this main project, tensions within the region are absolutely all external interventions. All the matters that some countries see as their own problems are all a part of external intervention and their extensions targeting the countries.

Crusade-like, they flood toward us

Afghanistan’s invasion, Iraq’s invasion, the Syria issue, the Yemen issue, Libya’s division, the Iranian-Saudi tension, the new crisis in the Persian Gulf targeting Qatar; among many others are part of a meticulously calculated plan. This is such a chaos that statements and objections such as “but we have no fault,” have become meaningless.

This global invasion, which has already divided five countries, aims to divide at least another five in the next five years. Even the most powerful countries in the region are under threat; Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey included.

And this storm cannot be squeezed into 10-year, 20-year time periods. It is a process that has been ongoing since the Crusades, since the invasion of Jerusalem, since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, since the colonialists tore the region into pieces. No state that is unable to read into this history will have the chance to remain standing. No community that is incapable of realizing this consistency is going to be able to remain together in the near future.

The region lives a World War

Our region is going through a World War; even if it is not stated today, the future historians  will describe this major chaos as “the Crusades of the 21st century.” Such is the fate that our country, once again after a century, has undertaken the heavy burdens of the region and, is attempting major battles as a strong resistance, as the last fortress. This is one of the extensions of our history-making role.

When this is the case, every state, every community, every organization that paves the way for invasion, prepares the ground for it, and cooperates with it, seeking power, is an invader, a traitor of the region.

Civil invaders the second threat, they are all anti-Turkey

The second threat targeting the region are these civil invaders. Those who pave the way for the division of countries, causing alienation and enmity between communities who have coexisted for centuries, those establishing grounds for new fronts within the region, those who have undertaken a role as the extension of the Western occupation, those who hide behind the major project and make plans, those who target their neighbors are the villains of political history. They will be remembered as the enemies of the region.

It is strange that the enemies of the region are also all enemies of Turkey.

The war against PKK is the war against this invasion

Invading Afghanistan on the grounds of al-Qaida, devastating Iran on grounds of chemical weapons, invading Syria because of Daesh, plans to divide Syria through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and creating a huge anti-Turkey front are all the sub-elements of this major project. These and many other organizations are all civil invaders, external threats. This is why battling organizations like the PKK is a fight against invasion.

But all these cards have been dealt according to the big fight that is going to be provoked between Iran and the Sunni Arab community. Tehran, burning with the desire for a Persian empire, is the country that has the most to gain from the major invasion targeting the region and camouflaging its own desires against the external intervention on the region.

Sunni Arab countries dragged into civil wars

The Sunni Arab world is rapidly losing its position. Even though it seems to be somewhat united, this circle has been fragmented with the latest Qatar crisis. After losing Arab territories such as Iraq and Syria to Iran, all Arab territory spanning the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean are now under threat.

Saudi Arabia is a country under complete siege; very soon, instabilities, which will shake this country and, also, the entire region in the Persian Gulf, will be triggered. The latest crisis targeting Qatar is a project and Saudi Arabia has been entrapped. As we have been discussing for days now, a major trap is being set for the Arab world through Muhammad Dahlan, and for the United Arab Emirates through Muhammad bin Zayed. If this trap cannot be reversed, the Sunni Arab world will be exposed to profound civil wars and invasions under the guise of fighting terrorism.

Arabs need to strongly support Turkey 

As the rising power of the region, Turkey is the country that has the clearest attitude against external interventions. It is Turkey that determines a strong political discourse and stance, that is hence threatened by the West and efforts are made to sever all its ties with the Arab world. Also, it is an open target from the north of Syria through terrorist organizations, particularly the PKK. The Arab world, the Muslim world and especially the communities in the region have a lot to learn from Turkey’s stance.

Turkey is powerful; its power increases and it takes profound steps. Then, first, let’s put a target on Turkey and debilitate, exhaust it, ensure that it is out of the way; this is the idea that has gained prominence. This is why the July 15 coup attempt came to occur, this is why the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) was activated as a civil invader, and this is why Muhammad Dahlan and the UAE provided financial support for July 15.

We must spread the ‘relentless struggle’ across the region

Unless very urgent steps are taken, unless Turkey’s radical stance is exemplified, unless the powerful countries of the region unite, unless this major invasion is reversed, unless a large-scale fight is carried out against those receiving orders as civil invaders; in the near future, some countries will be completely obliterated.

Therefore every individual, every community, every country and every state has a heavy responsibility.

Forming a regional resistance, presenting a strong political discourse and solidarity against their projects to divide these countries is obligatory. This is a historical showdown, the “relentless struggle” must spread across the entire region.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper. (Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on July 28, 2017)