Airport insider might have planted bomb

The Russian jet that crashed in Sinai, Egypt, may have been brought down by a bomb that was planted near one of the plane’s fuel lines and detonated through the use of a timer. And according to a source an “airport insider” is the likely source of the bomb, Fox News reports. The source aid that the investigation has uncovered references to a “two-hour timer”, still unclear if this was from communications among terrorists or from physical evidence.

One theory of the explosion is that terrorists planted the bomb inside the aircraft while it was on the ground in Egypt. The bomb, so the theory goes, was planted around the spot where the plane’s fuel line connects to the engine. In this scenario, the fuel would have burned away any explosive residue. This conforms to evidence uncovered at the scene.

The plane was blown up about 23 minutes into the flight. Investigators are now focused on who had access to the plane in a “90-minute window” before takeoff.