Egyptian TV Channel Hosts Fethullah Gulen in His First Appearance on Arabian Media

Fethullah Gulen, the leader of the ‘parallel states’ terrorist organization(FETO), attacked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a special interview on Egyptian TV Channel Al-Ghad al-Arabi, according to Al-Ahram , an Egyptian state-run newspaper.

This was Gulen’s first interview with an Arabian Egyptian Channel after the failed coup attempt last July.

In his first interview with an Arab TV channel, Gulen told his interviewer, Khaled Khairy, in the United States, that the Turkish government is practicing pressure on several governments to label his organization a ” terrorist group”. He stressed that Turkey holds agreements with strong economic powers as Russia and China to put pressure on these countries to stand against the organization.

Moreover, Gulen denied the Turkish allegations concerning his involvement in the coup attempt, adding that it was “fabricated”. He also stressed that Ankara does not have any evidence or documents that ensure such allegations. Gulen described the Turkish allegations as a “sarcastic play”, pointing that he has presented an offer to the Turkish authorities to form an international fact-finding committee to investigate the coup attempt. In this case, Gulen said that he will abide by all its decisions if it accused him, but he said that the authorities in Ankara did not respond to or welcome this suggestion.

Gulen also said that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan views himself as the leader of the world, and he calls himself “Emir of the Believers”. He said that Erdogan uses the Muslim Brotherhood and “Gaza“ for his personal interest without offering them any positive thing in return.

He also added that Turkey is entering into a dark tunnel with the latest procedures that have been taken by the Turkish authorities.  He also added that the Turkish people will suffer from the repercussions of arbitrary imprisonment and the state control over the freedom of speech and expression, saying that the arrest and killing of innocent people will hunt  the Turkish President down.

Gulen also revealed that he has received calls from Russia, Canada, and other countries to host him, but he stressed that in case he left the United States, he will only go to his country Turkey, where he will spend his last days . He added that his exit from the United States will not happen without a real reason and clear evidence, followed by a court ruling from a US court.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had called the United states of America to extradite Gulen, who lives in a self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania, the United States, for being accused of plotting the failed coup attempt last July.

Al-Ghad Al-Arabi TV channel that interviewed Gulen is owned by former Fatah leader Mohamed Dahlan, who has close ties with the United Arab Emirates. The channel headquarters were in London but they have  recently moved to Egypt.