Saudi Arabia: media activist Ahmad bin Rashid Arrested

Saudi Arabia: Dr. Ahmad bin Rashid Arrested

Some newspapers in Saudi Arabia stated that the academic and well-known journalist Ahmad bin Rashid bin Saeed was arrested on Monday morning in al-Madina.

Dr. Ahmad’s family didn’t confirm the news or deny it, and the security forces didn’t comment too, while activists confirmed the news saying that the arrest was predected.

Dr. Ahmad is a lectrer of Mass Media in King Saud university. He is also known for his twitter activity, his articles in many Gulf newspapers and his media apperance in Al Jazeera TV channel.

Some reports said that the real cause of the arrest is that al-Arabiya channel prosecuted him for his criticism of al-Arabiya channel and the UAE government.

Dr. Ahmad arrest comes two months after Dr. Mohammed al-Hadid was also arrested.