Egypt: Over 10 million views for video showing police officer assaulting known YouTuber

A well-known YouTuber has released a live broadcast on his Facebook page, documenting the assault on him by a police officer, where the footage immediately had over ten million views.

YouTuber and comic content creator Ahmed Naqshsha on Tuesday documented the moments during which a police officer was beating and insulting after a slight crash between their cars.

Users of social networking sites have circulated a footage that was published by Ahmed Naqshsha, sympathized and interacted with him, demanding him to file a complaint against the person that attacked him. Besides beating and insulting, the alleged traffic police officer threatened the famous YouTuber of further punishment.

However, some sources said the person that appeared in the live broadcast of Naqshasha was an ex-traffic officer, stressing that his name was Amr. A., who once served as one of the security guards of a former minister of investment.

During the live broadcast that Ahmed Naqshsha released, the famous YouTuber appealed for help, asking the public to save him from the assault of a person that claimed to be traffic officers, as a result of a minor traffic collision between their cars.

Ex-traffic officer

The Public Prosecution’s investigations later revealed that the young man  accused of assaulting YouTuber Ahmed Naqshasha was not an operating police officer, where it turned out that he was an ex-traffic officer but a current car and mobile phone dealer. The defendent engaged in a dispute with Naqshasha due to traffic priority in Nasr City, where the video clip presented by the victim showed the young man beating him on the public road and that the crime was audio-video documented.

However, after the end of investigations, the prosecution decided to release the defendant on a bail of EGP 1,000.

Over the course of two hours, the Public Prosecution listened to YouTuber Ahmed Naqshsha, who said he was driving his car when another car driven by young man suddenly appeared next to his, which led to a slight friction between the two cars. Despite the fact that the mistake was committed by the other person, Naqshasha did not blame him at all, but only used the car horn to alert him, as the matter was extremely simple. But the young man hurried up ansd then stopped his car blocking Naqshsha’s way and started to insult him, asking him to show his driving license and car documents, claiming that he was a traffic police officer.

Naqshsha then told the prosecution that he was in a state of astonishment at the young man’s behavior, so he had to use his mobile phone and began documenting the officer’s assault by launching a live broadcast and filming all his actions and insults, which prompted the alleged officer to immediately leave.

After numerous incidents of police brutal treatment of citizens – such as the famous shooting of taxi driver by a police officer after an argument over the fare, the assault on doctors at hospitals – the Egyptian public and many politicians have been calling for amendments to laws governing police authority and behavior to ensure respect for human rights.