President Erdoğan to urge UN to combat terrorism seriously


The United Nations Assembly General will be held in New York, with world leaders participating.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be travelling to the United States today to represent Turkey at the summit.While addressing the assembly, President Erdoğan will have a number of key messages to the international community, particularly on combating terrorism, Syria and the refugee crisis.

Erdoğan will warn the international community regarding “new generation-type terrorist networks” and the urgency of the fight against such organizations, particularly the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ).

“They will knock on your door, also,” the president will tell world leaders, describing the possible threat to be posed by FETÖ and other terrorist networks.

“A fight against terrorism based on principles, not a double standard,” will be the message of the Turkish leader in New York.

The composition of the United Nations’ system and the Security Council’s narrow representation of the world will also be one of the key topics for Erdoğan in New York.

Turkey will present its approach on Syria, emphasizing that a solution can be found through cooperation with the Syrians, themselves, but not external actors.

The president will outline the details of the security zone proposed by Turkey for a solution to the crisis in Syria.

Erdoğan has more than a dozen appointments with world leaders during his sojourn in New York, as well as speeches at various meetings with businessmen and think tanks.

Following the July 15 coup attempt by FETÖ, who tried to invade the country so they could give power to foreign invaders, the U.N. Assembly General will be the second international gathering after the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China.

The president will also give a detailed picture of the catastrophe that Turkey was faced with after the coup attempt.

The delegation is hoping that the international community will be able to reflect on itself and self-criticize it’s reaction to the failed coup attempt.

Hopefully, the result of the president’s intense program will help international powers get back on track on the way to democracy.

And help them to stop supporting terrorism…


In the midst of an intense political agenda, a very interesting story was published by the Economist.

The story suggests that divorce rates increased in Iraq due to the popularity of Turkish soap operas in the country.

As Turkish men behave romantically toward their spouses in soap operas, Iraqi women, who cannot find the same intensity in their relationships, have decided to separate from their husbands, according to the analysis.

This year, the Oscar must make a change and go to the Economist, which finally revealed the answer that all of humanity was waiting for, the reason for the increasing rate of divorce in Iraq.

Nowadays, the editors of the Economist seem to be as busy as a bee on global issues, while in Syria the death toll continues to rise to an endless number, not to mention the millions of refugee children displaced from their homes.

I guess it would be enjoyable to look at the world through the Economist’s lens – the world would be more livable if it was based on the principles of the Economist’s ethics.

Many readers around the world, who read this Iraqi story, no doubt are looking forward to seeing the next piece by the Economist.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry but one thing is for sure: While today’s world is witnessing various global crises, the Economist should come down to earth and focus on something more human.

*SAADET ORUÇ is a Turkish journalist. She writes columns for Daily Sabah Turkish newspaper
(Published in Daily Sabah on Monday, Sept. 19, 2016)