Egypt: New audio leak reveals bribes in millions for Sisi’s advisors

The Egyptian popular blogger and YouTuber Abdullah El-Sherif, has released new leaks attributed to presidential advisors to Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi

According to Arabi21, The audio leak released shows Farouk al-Qadi, an army officer of the rank of major general, while coordinating bribes worth millions of Egyptian pounds with a female advisor to Sisi called Mervat Mohamed Ali. El-Sherif confirmed that both of al-Qadi and Ali work as advisors to Sisi.

Al-Qadi’s conversation with Ali revolved around projects to be performed by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority (AFEA), related to contracts for building stations and projects assigned by direct order to AFEA, led by army officers.

The audio leak shows that Major General Farouk al-Qadi gives two million Egyptian pounds (about $127,000) to Mervat Mohamed Ali, for every project she passes on to him.

The leak indicates that all of these projects are passed to the army without being put up for public tenders.

Major General Al-Qadi, a partner in a law and legal advice firm, said in the leak that he always intended to include names of top army officers in the contracts, with the aim of “terrorizing” any opponents.

According to Abdullah El-Sherif, the total bribes mentioned in just one leaked phone call amounted to EGP 68 million (about $4.3 million).

Ghada Naguib, an opposition figure in exile, commented on El-Sherif’s leaked audio, tweeting:
Abdullah El-Sherif releasd a leaked call between two of Sisi advisers, Maj. General Farouk Al-Qadi and Mervat Mohamed Ali, while they were dividing bribes with each other. Some EGP 68 million in bribes for each one. What about Sisi, his son, or his chief spy? How much have they stolen? Egypt’s wealth is looted by those thieves while the poor go to hell.

In the leak, El-Sherif focused on Major General Al-Qadi’s talk about the theft of some 160 artifacts by officers in excavation activities during the renovation and reconstruction work of al Montazah Presidential Palace in Alexandria.

In his phone call to Mervat Ali, Al-Qadi said that when she moves to the new administrative capital, she will be given a residential villa worth 6 million pounds, provided that she pay only EGP 750,000 in installments, while the state will pay the rest of the price.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that leaks about financial corruption of the circle surrounding Sisi, have been released, without the latter taking any public measures against the perpetrators or accomplices.