Four doctors die yesterday in Egypt cause of COVID-19

Egypt Medical Syndicate issued a statement accusing the ministry of health of full negligence for its crew, not availing tests kits or PPE!

Some doctors started resigning already!

A copy of an Egyptian doctor’s resignation letter

The syndicate said if current measures continue, a full collapse will happen to the medical sector!

The syndicate statement said: “Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health has repeatedly failed to do its duty to protect doctors, starting from refraining from early tests to discover any infections among members of the medical staff, to intransigence in carrying out PCR test of those who have been in contact with them for positive cases, to reach even the failure to quickly provide treatment places for those affected by them.”

“As a result of that, the number of deaths reached nineteen doctors, the last of which was the young doctor / Walid Yahya who suffered from COVID-19 until he died, in addition to more than three hundred and fifty infected among the doctors only.”, The statement added.

The syndicate said that they will take all legal measures to protect the lives of its members, and it will prosecute all those involved in this failure that amounts to the crime of murder by leaving.

The syndicate called on all executive, legislative and supervisory authorities to take serious measures to make the Ministry of Health bear its responsibility to protect medical workers, and quickly provide private isolation hospitals for the affected members of the medical teams to ensure the speed of their treatment as this is an inherent right for them and also to help them return to take their responsibility in defending the safety of the nation.

Finally, the syndicate warns of the increased frequency of anger among doctors for not protecting them, which will negatively affect the provision of health care.

The syndicate also warns that the health system may completely collapse and that a health catastrophe may strike the entire country if this failure and neglect on the part of the Ministry of Health continues with medical teams.