While Egyptians suffer poverty, regime keeps building lavish palaces

Egyptian social media activists have circulated leaked videos from inside one of the palaces of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi under construction in the El Alamein region, north of the country.

Journalist and TV presenter Moataz Matar has aired in his talk show program on Al-Sharq opposition channel video and photo leaks he said were from one of the presidential palaces under construction in the city of Alamein.

The leaked photos and videos show construction of dog houses on a large area attached to the palace, inside which there were bathrooms dedicated to dogs in addition to bathtubs, and also containing a room allocated for their vet.

These leaked scenes sparked widespread controversy on the social networking sites in Egypt, and the tag of “Sisi’s dog house” went viral on Twitter, Saturday night.

Observers mocked Sisi’s keenness to build wide homes to breed dogs inside his palaces, amid the escalating suffering of the poor in Egypt, where homes of many of them are threatened with demolition because of the building reconciliation law.

Tweeters compared the scenes of dog houses attached to the presidential palaces and the flooding of streets of some governorates during the past two days, especially the Alexandria governorate, due to heavy rain, and the indifference of officials to the sinking of many houses, where many people were exposed to death by electrocution in the streets.

Others compared the situation of the overcrowded Egyptian prisons with political detainees and the luxury enjoyed by the dogs that Sisi raises in his palaces.

The Egyptian contractor and actor Mohamed Ali, had earlier revealed the details of building huge presidential palaces worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

A few months ago, YouTuber Abdullah Al-Sharif broadcast leaked scenes from inside presidential palaces that are being built on large areas in the New Alamein area.

All this caused a sensation at the time, which prompted al-Sisi to declare that he is indeed building presidential palaces, and that he is continuing to build other palaces, claiming that this is not for his sake but for the sake of Egypt.