Tunisia backs Turkey’s role as mediator in Gulf-Qatar crisis

Tunisia is backing Turkey’s role as a mediator in the efforts to ease the Gulf-Qatar crisis, Foreign Minister Khamis Al-Jahnawi announced yesterday. The Turkish government is also seeking ways to resolve the crisis in Libya, he pointed out.

Al-Jahnawi told Behind the Event programme on Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) that Tunisia supports Turkey’s “influential role” in the region, especially in resolving the “unprecedented” crisis between the Gulf neighbours. “Given Turkey’s close relations with various parties in Libya,” he added, “it can also help to find a solution there.”

The minister stressed the importance of relations between Tunis and Ankara. The second session of the Tunisian-Turkish Supreme Council for Strategic Cooperation will be held in January next year in the Turkish capital.

Since the cutting of diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar by many of the Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, Turkey has been playing an important role in mediating in an attempt to resolve the dispute.

On Wednesday, Turkey’s Foreign Minister arrived in Qatar on an official visit as part of a drive to repair the GCC rift. During his visit, he announced that his next stop would be Kuwait, which has also been seeking to mediate in the conflict.