Egypt; Fire Erupts in a Highway after a Petroleum Pipeline Explosion

A huge fire erupted at the Cairo-Ismailia desert road when a major gas pipe exploded resulting in major casualties yet to be announced by the ministry of interior.

(Watch) Fire Erupts in Cairo-Ismailia Road after Petroleum Pipeline Explosion

The General Administration of Civil Protection in Cairo sent 15 fire trucks to control the massive fire due to the explosion of the pipeline.

The Operations Room received a notification of a pipe fracture on the Ismailia desert road, and fire engines moved to the place, and the traffic officers were present at the place to regulate the movement of cars.

The exact cause of the petroleum product pipeline explosion is being investigated, with Egypt’s Minister of Petroleum at the scene along with emergency services who have reportedly controlled the fire that broke out following the explosion.

The Cairo-Ismailia road is a popular road. The extent of the damage caused by the fire, and whether any injuries or fatalities occurred, remains unclear.

People criticized the severe delay in the arrival of the emergency services, as the pipeline remained leaking oil for more than two hours before the fire broke out and caused severe damage.