Lebanon: Bombing in Arsal, Syrian refugees arrested

Refugee Crisis: Lebanese army arrest 70 Syrian refugees

Lebanese state media say that a roadside bomb near the country’s eastern Syrian border has wounded two Lebanese soldiers, while authorities arrested tens of Syrian after the incident.

The National News Agency says the explosion struck an army vehicle in the Arsal region in eastern Lebanon near Syria border and that the wounds sustained by the troops were minor.

The blast was followed by the soldiers opening fire with heavy weapons at militant positions nearby.

Lebanese army early today arrested tens of civilians in Arsal following the blast.

Activists reported that the Lebanese army arrested 50 people in Ras al-Sarj in Arsal area following the blast accusing them of terrorism without sufficient evidence.

Activist Abu al- Jud called on all international organizations to enter Arsal and said that we, as Syrians, accuse Hezbollah of perpetrating the terrorist explosion in its attempt to escalate the situation in Arsal and to involve the Lebanese army in Hezbollah battles in Syria.

Abu al-Jud added that international organizations are asked to come to Arsal and to observe the situation of Syrian in camps adding that we demand that the Syrian political opposition talk about Arsal and about the suffering of Syrian refugees there.

Some 70 percent of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are living below the poverty line, compared with 50 percent in 2014, according to the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan mid-year review, carried out by U.N. agencies, local governments and aid groups.