Egyptian Authorities Fabricate Death Reasons to Manipulate Covid-19 Real Numbers

The Egyptian regime fabricates death reason in official documents of COVID-19 deceased doctors to avoid considering them as “martyrs”.

The Sisi regime has reportedly been fabricating reasons of death of deceased doctors written in the official death certificate given to families of doctors who died because of coronavirus infection, to avoid considering them as “martyrs”.

Ahmed Al-Baqary, an Egyptian activist, tweeted today (8 June) that the regime used to fabricate death reasons written in official documents given to the families of martyred doctors, stating reasons other than COVID-19 infection for coronavirus victims, including deceased doctors.

“While doctors sacrifice their lives for the redemption of the Egyptian people despite lack of potentials, the despicable Sisi regime fabricates reason of death written in the death certificate given to the family of deceased Dr. Mohamed Antar, who was martyred due to COVID-19 infection while he was on the job, facing the coronavirus epidemic. However, regarding Dr. Antar’s death reason mentioned in his official death certificate given to his family, authorities stated that he died due to an unspecified pneumonia!!,” Al-Baqry said.

However, Al-Baqry attached the hospital’s report which stated that Dr, Antar died as a result of COVID-19, which led to respiratory failure:

Al-Baqry also attached the Egyptian Medical Syndicate’s obituary mourning the martyred doctor, reading, “The Egyptian Medical Syndicate mourns Martyr Dr. Mohamed Antar, the Pharma teacher at Al Azhar’s Faculty of Medicine, who died as a result of infection with COVID-19…”

The Egyptian doctors have increasingly been at odds with the Sisi government on the country’s coronavirus outbreak, pleading for protections and a full lockdown even as the authorities were urging people to learn to “coexist” with Covid-19.

Although a wave of government propaganda had hailed healthcare workers as the “white army”, a reference to their white coats, however, some doctors say they lacked protective equipment and were struggling to get vital tests for themselves and patients.

“The situation is deteriorating. The nurses and doctors are very scared because we are not protected,” said a nurse at a government hospital. “We are treated the same way patients are treated. If we complain of symptoms, we are asked to go home and quarantine, but we are not allowed to be tested.”

In early May a ministry of health official told a parliamentary committee that quarantine hospitals were full, and doctors complained on social media of having to turn infected people away.

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate late May issued a formal statement warning of a medical catastrophe in the absence of adequate arrangements of PPEs and tests for medical staff in the country.

Also, doctors at the Al-Munira hospital in Egypt’s capital, Cairo, have threatened to resign en masse after one of their colleagues, 32-year-old doctor Walid Yahya, died from COVID-19 on May 24, Sunday. The doctors’ statement was issued on social media the followed day, on May 25.

Doctors complained that the ministry of health in Egypt has not provided them with enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and has failed to take effective quarantine measures, leading to a higher number of infections among the medical staff. Some of them also complained of the lack of enough testing for the medical staff.

A few doctors in other hospitals in Cairo have already resigned protesting the lack of equipment, tests and adequate facilities.  

The statement issued by the Egyptian Medical Syndicate (EMS) said that the health system in the country could completely collapse due to “failure and negligence of the ministry of health”.     

Some doctors also said double standards adopted by the health ministry, with certain influential people being provided unnecessary attention and facilities at a time when even doctors are suffering from the lack of basic facilities in their day-to-day struggle against the disease.

Meanwhile, Health minister Hala Zayed initially tried to belittle the issue but was forced to conduct a video conference with the medical staff, wherein she assured adequate supply of medical equipment, which has not happened so far!