Has Egypt lost control over Coronavirus outbreak?!

The Egyptian opposition movement, Batel (VOID), said that it has started receiving reports of injuries and deaths due to the new Coronavirus in Egypt since May 3, noting that it has received “since this date 14,402 reports of infection, and 556 reports of deaths, which is almost twice the number announced by the Ministry of Health on The same period. “

The movement added in a statement: “The vast difference has emerged between what is announced by the Ministry of Health and what is being reported publicly, which exposes the government’s forgery in order to evade its responsibility for the failure of the health sector, its lack of preparedness in the face of the Coronavirus, and the neglect of this sector for many years.”

BATEL movement warned in its statement that; “the attempt to pretend to dominate and announce the return to normalcy endangers the lives of millions of Egyptians.”

And the movement explained that “in this endeavor, it represents only a popular attempt to rely on the public to monitor injuries, which is less than the real number that we think is multiplied by what reaches us from the public.”

“The Minister of Health came out to us in an article in a foreign scientific newspaper to confirm what everyone is afraid of, which is that the declared numbers are only (a mathematical equation) that is not more and has no relation to medical tests but rather takes the lowest averages in similar countries dependent only on the proportion of deaths due to injuries. Potential.”, the statement added

The Batel opposition movement stressed that “the matter has become outside the control of the government, the measures that had to be taken to limit the spread are overdue, and that we are now in Egypt are in a phase of outbreak without reliable health system.”

The movement’s statement continued, saying: “There is nothing in our hands except an appeal to every Egyptian to take precautions for himself and his family, and for each person to present what is the true solidarity for people whom cannot stay at home because they depend on daily work to meet the needs of their homes.”

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Amid widespread suspicion by activists on social media, the Ministry of Health announced that “the total number that was registered in Egypt with the Corona Virus as of Thursday is 15,003 cases including 4,217 cases that were cured and discharged from isolation and quarantine hospitals, and 696 deaths”, according to Official numbers.

The Egyptian Minister of Higher Education, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, also expected that the number of Corona cases during the 27th and 28th of May may reach 20 thousand cases, according to a study carried out by the government to analyze the data of the Ministry of Health on the numbers of injured and deaths.