Egypt: A 2-year disappeared detainee appears at prosecution

We Record’ human rights platform has documented the appearance of Eng. Khaled Abdel Hamid in the Public Prosecution Office after he had been forcibly disappeared for two years.

According to preliminary information, he was deported to Scorpion 2 Prison. A force from the Interior Ministry’s National Security Sector stormed his house two years ago, specifically on 5 July 2019 and abducted him, where since then no news was heard about his whereabouts until he has recently appeared before the prosecution.

On 6 April 2021, the wife of Khaled Ahmed Abdel Hamid, who was forcibly disappeared two years ago, appealed for his release. Khaled Abdel Hamid, a 39-year-old civil engineer, was arrested on June 5, 2019.

His family was subjected to house arrest for 24 hours at home, before the National Security officers arrested him. Abdel Hamid suffers from severe allergies, herniated disc, severe reflux in the esophagus, and suspicion of stomach ulcers. His wife said that the punishment does not affect Khaled alone, but affects all members of his family and children.

According to the family: At dawn on July 5, 2019, at 2 am, a security force in police clothes, some masked and others in civilian clothes, stormed the victim’s house and broke its gate and then the internal door, and arrested Eng. Khaled, where they took him to an unknown destination after confiscating his laptop, wallet and personal documents, as well as an amount of money and gold jewelry that was taken from home.

The next day, the family inquired about him at the Shorouk Police Department that denied his presence there. They also made a report to the Public Prosecutor and sent telegrams to the Public Prosecutor, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Interior without receiving a response.