Russia Joins Gulf states in coaching Sudan’s military!

An Israeli research centre says Russia joined the supporters for the military council in Sudan

Russia has emerged Saudi Arabia’s and United Arab Emirates’s silent partner in assisting the Sudanese military’

According to it, Russians developed the strategy used by Hemedti against Sudanese people protests. The effort is to weaken if not defeat the popular revolt that has already toppled president Omar El-Bashir.

Documents leaked to The Guardian and MHK Media, a Russian-language news website, by the London-based Dossier Centre, an investigative group funded by exiled Russian businessman Mikhail Khodorkovsky, have disclosed Russia’s hitherto behind-the-scenes role in Sudan.

Laying out plans to bolster Russia’s position across Africa by building relations with rulers, striking military deals, and grooming a new generation of leaders and undercover agents, the documents included details of a campaign to smear anti-government protesters in Sudan.

The Plan for the campaign appears as a copy of those used to counter Putin’s opposition. Advises include use of fake news and videos to portray demonstrators as anti-Islamic, pro-Israeli and pro-LGBT. In addition, they suggested pushing up newsprint costs. Making press costly makes it harder for critics to get their message out.

Hemedti believed to be a #Saudi Arabia and #UAE favourite because his troops fought in #Yemen. Hemedti is also leading the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) that has killed more than 118 protestors in June.

Hemedti viewed as ambitious and power angry frequently attributed alike Sisi by many protestors.

Sisi in 2013 staged a Saudi-UAE-backed military coup that toppled Egypt’s first democratically elected president.