The US is striking the Turkey-Iran-Russia bloc: This game will be foiled in Afrin, Manbij

By: Ibrahim Karagul*

The “terror corridor” that spans the Mediterranean and Iranian border, that completely closes off Turkey’s southern border, that aims to take control over its relations with the Arab-Muslim world, is the gravest and closest local, regional and global-scale threat aimed at our country.

Even though this region forms the north of Syrian and Iraqi territory, that corridor is being designed for Turkey rather than these two countries.  A “Turkey front” is already being established on Syrian territory.

The 4,000 trucks loaded with weapons – that we know of, perhaps there are thousands more we don’t know of – or any other unknown military buildup for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), cannot be explained as support for the terrorist organization alone. The buildup on that front is for a greater plan.

Intervention base, foreign garrison and new Israel

We call it a “terror corridor,” but this is a new map draft; that region is being prepared to be detached from Syria and Iraq and turned into an intervention base for the whole region.

Though it is being carried out through the PKK/PYD, though the Kurdish ethnic identity is being promoted with a demographic adjustment made based on the deportation of the Arabs and Turkmens in the region, that zone is being prepared for the U.S. and Israel. This is the aim behind the deportation of the population and the dehumanization.

This foreign map was planned in accordance with the invasions in the Crusades period; the foundations of a new “foreign element” have started to be laid at the center of the Muslim geography. Even though it has the longest border with Turkey, even though its primary target is Turkey, the key role of this foreign garrison and intervention base is to sabotage rapprochement efforts between Muslim countries, to provoke separation and clashes, to prevent the establishment of a future regional partnership from now. Therefore, an extraordinary threat for Turkey, for Iran, for Syria and Iraq and a sort of “new Israel” is being constructed.

Some are concealing the danger, it is like they are keeping Turkey occupied

For a country, identifying the threat is possible not only by interpreting the present but the future. If the threat has reached the zero point of your borders, if the next step is to move the war inside Turkey, continuing to bother with identifying the threat is either naiveté or it means that some are concealing the threat.

While we have a threat of this size at our door, as it increasingly grows by the day, “keeping Turkey occupied” will throw this country into the fire. Keeping silent in the face of a threat of this size will mean suicide for that country.

After the Euphrates Shield operation, after the Idlib operation, Turkey is obliged to urgently eliminate the danger in Afrin and Manbij. In order to ensure the security and future of the entire geography, that region cannot be left to the control of terrorist organizations or a foreign country.

Provocation being planned against Turkey in Idlib

The rapprochement between Turkey, Russia and Iran has formed hope for the resolution of many problems in the region. Even the close stance between Turkey, Iran and Iraq has helped negate a multinational intervention plan in northern Iraq. In other words, regional rapprochement is the only way to ensure the future security of countries. No problem in which the U.S., Israel and any Western country intervenes can be solved, and there will never be the will or desire in those interventions to provide a solution. All their interventions have been destructive, especially for our country and region.

The incidents happening in Syria in the recent days, the regime attacks which will endanger Turkey’s presence in Idlib and drive hundreds of thousands of people to Turkey’s border, and the “ghost” attack aimed at the Russian air base are targeting this trio mechanism. Turkey called on the Iranian and Russian ambassadors, their foreign ministers, and made the necessary warning.

A provocation is being planned through Idlib. The aim is to sabotage the regional initiative between Turkey, Russian and Iran. The attacks of the Syrian regime and the attack on the Russian base need to be reviewed particularly in terms of its connection to the U.S. and regional countries acting on the U.S. axis.

Because if the war ends, the US is going to be told to ‘leave now’

Some are doing everything they can for the war in Syria to continue. Some are doing all they can to break out a regional crisis with this war. Those same groups are trying everything, attempting covert operations to push into a corner Turkey, which has activated its regional resistance.

Because if the war ends, the “terror corridor” will be in danger. The U.S. and Israel’s garrison plan will go down the drain. All countries are going to focus on that corridor, that foreign occupation, map drafts, and they will ask the U.S. to leave the region.

The U.S., Israel and United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) connection to the recent incidents planned through Idlib should particularly be examined. This is open provocation. The countries in question are openly arming the PKK/PYD, standing behind the attacks aimed at Turkey, and as a matter of fact, giving instructions in this direction and providing arms support.

It is right at this point that this game should be foiled through Afrin and Manbij. Whatever needs to be done should be done without further delay. The PKK/PYD presence should be wiped out of that region. Hence, shrinking the area of the multinational operation.

There is a plan to stop Turkey from within

Unfortunately, there is a group, a lobby, a circle inside Turkey trying to render it inactive by working in parallel with those conducting operations against Turkey through Idlib and with those attempting to sabotage the rapprochement between Turkey, Russia and Iran. This is what is being sensed. Those in close relations with the PYD lobby and U.S. circles are trying everything to prevent any harm coming to the terror corridor.

Force will foil this scheme. The operations in question will lead regional resistance to further strengthen, the field of cooperation to further expand and the U.S. and Israel’s area of operation through the PKK and Daesh to further diminish. What’s most important is that Turkey will have taken measures against a “close threat,” a fatal danger. It will have prevented much greater destructions that we may face later.

The multinational will’s 2018 plans will also be ruined

The plots are apparent; the defense method is obvious. The multinational will trying to cause chaos in many areas from North Africa to Iran is obvious. Our guesses about what that will can do for Turkey in 2018 are obvious. It is obvious that with time, the opportunity to intervene will weaken. It is also obvious that with time, the Turkey-Iran-Russia initiative will also be harmed.

Turkey needs to initiate a game-changing action. This is Afrin and Manbij. This initiation will also negate the 2018 plots projected by the multinational will for Turkey.