The Great Gulf War Plan: Column

İbrahim KaragülBy: İbrahim Karagül

An earthquake… The US has spiraled out of control. For whom will doomsday strike? The Great Gulf War plan…

 U.S. President Donald Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly signals a dire future for all of humanity. The world’s “most powerful and loneliest country” is in an era of madness that may constitute a common threat for us all.

What is left of the U.S. that declared the “New American Century” immediately after the Cold War and tried to establish the world order and control the entire planet itself, is an extremely out-of-control and far-right America.

US has gone out of control. China, Russia, Turkey are threats. This is defeat…

This is a defeat, regression; as a matter of fact, it is the sign of collapse. No country other than its few “loyal” allies trust the U.S. They have come to realize that they cannot continue on the same path with it in this way. Because, after this stage, the U.S. will not only be targeting a few traditional countries or organizations, but everybody it sees as a rival.

Making a list of all the countries the U.S. considers rivals, from Latin America to Asia, including Turkey, will clearly reveal the kind of enmity map that has been drawn. Nothing is more dangerous than a country that is captivated by the desire for power. The U.S. administration is now such a country.

The statement, “We reject globalization,” is introversion, peevishness, further isolation, and further belligerence with this isolation. Even if Trump was the one speaking, it has been indicated that the U.S.-established system expanded the traditional definitions of threat, and that it considers counties such as China, Russia, Turkey and Germany as threats.

War position against rivals. Common US threat…

What may this lead to? The U.S., which is threatening the entire region from northern Syria to the east of the Euphrates, preparing to wage new wars, expanding the trade war with China to the utmost and dragging it toward a geopolitical showdown, and that has started to see its closest ally Europe as an enemy too, has almost taken a position of war against all its rivals.

Looking at it from this aspect, it is quite clear what kind of storm the world will soon be dragged into and in which regions areas of conflict will break out.

The U.S., which rejects everything, including human rights and economic supra-structures, that burned all the bridges with its traditional allies, has become the “primary threat” for Turkey as well as many center countries of the world. You will see after a while how the voices of objection will rise higher from these countries.

The world may actually fall apart for the US. Ancient humanity will stop it

You will witness the said countries seeking solidarity against the “great threat.” You will see the global economic/trade wars, and the showdown over resources and markets very rapidly turning into political and military conflicts.

The CIA head’s statement, “We are going to come with states now, not terrorist organizations” ; neocon John Bolton’s words aimed at Iran, “We are going to wreak havoc” ; the very rough trade wars the U.S. administration started with Russia, China and Germany; China’s statement, “Push has come to shove, the results will be disaster”; the German foreign ministers statement, “U.S.-Europe relations will not improve even after Trump” ; and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s calls at the UN General Assembly to make people rise, are all signs of the danger that is approaching.

The U.S., the Roman Empire of our era, is at its pre-collapsing peak with this out-of-control behavior. But you can be sure that regardless of how powerful its economy is, regardless of how unlimited its armed forces seem, regardless of how reckless and threatening it is, ancient humanity will not tolerate or cope with such a danger, and will find a way to bring it into line.

Just as Turkey is, in this sense, the leading country of the global awakening, it will also be one of the central countries of change.

Eastern Euphrates: This map must be prevented

So what is next? Let us take a look at our region: there will be a very tough showdown in the east of the Euphrates. The U.S. will be increasing its buildup and partnership with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the region.

This is the gravest and closest danger for Turkey. The efforts for this map must be prevented, regardless of what it costs. Partnerships should be made with every country within this context. Turkey should intervene in a few regions without heeding any objections. Because this has become a reason for existence.

The ‘Great Gulf War’ will break out after Syria

The biggest front after the Syria war will immediately be opened in the Persian Gulf. No Gulf country is going to be able to keep out of this conflict, which has been prepared as a battle between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

We have to be able to foresee that the war could spread throughout Saudi Arabia, cause map changes in the entire Gulf, and that Iran may openly attack the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I believe this scenario is ready and that it will be launched after Syria.

This is a horrific plan that will destroy the region. If we can end the Syria war, keep the country together, purge the east of the Euphrates of foreign elements, prevent that map, we will at least have a chance to prevent the Great Gulf War for some time.

All fault lines will be active: The world is turning in the opposite direction, be prepared

And outside our region, I believe all the fault lines known worldwide will be activated, that very grave power showdowns will start from Africa to Eastern Europe and to Asia, that the trade wars may turn into close combats, and that some countries in Europe will part their ways with the U.S.

The Atlantic “center” will never be able to rule the world on its own again. We are witnessing such power rises other than the Atlantic that this is happening for the first time in the last three centuries, as a matter of fact, the last four centuries. The world’s power map is turning in the opposite direction. In fact, the world is turning upside down. And this is going to lead to developments that will shake the whole earth.

I’d say let’s be ready.