Luggage handler placed bomb on the Russian plane

Russian security officials now confirm that the plane that crashed over Sinai at the end of October was brought down by a bomb, after explosive traces were found on the wreckage.

According to Russian media, security officers believe the bomb was most likely planted inside the hold of the plane by a Sharm el-Sheikh baggage handler.

Egyptian authorities said on Tuesday morning that they had detained two Sharm el-Sheikh airport employees on suspicion of helping to plant a device on the airliner.

Improvised explosives equivalent to 1.5kg of TNT were used to bring the plane down, killing all 224 people on board, the head of Russia’s security service, the FSB, has said.

“We can definitely say this was an act of terror”, says Alexander Bortnikov when he met with President Vladimir Putin to brief him on the findings of investigators, and according to state media.

Mr Putin has responded by ordering Russian special forces to “find and punish” those responsible for the crash, and announced a