Morocco-US Military Exercise ‘African Lion’ 17 Kicks off this Week

African Lion 17 kicked off this week across Morocco as the international exercise in military cooperation seeks to strengthen interoperability among the US, Morocco and many other nations.

1,300 American, Moroccan, Canadian, French, German, British, Malian, Mauritanian, Senegalese, Spanish and Tunisian military personnel have come together to share insights and tactics with their peers to help build a strong regional and global defence partnership against instability in an attempt to help better contain it in the future.

African Lion is an annual exercise hosted by Morocco and the US in Morocco to provide each nation with a better understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures of each nation involved.

The exercise provides US and European military personnel with the ability to train in unfamiliar but safe territory while also endowing African nations and Morocco specifically the opportunity to learn from the seasoned experiences of the American and European militaries.

The exchange of procedures and techniques allows each nation to better its own understanding of how to deal with certain situations which may arise or to better help African nations contain regional instability.

In the past, African Lion has been a platform for the involved nations to provide training for keeping a capable military under certain conditions, aerial manoeuvring and flight training, medical assistance, peace keeping operations, intelligence operations, countering violent extremism and terrorism and keeping borders safe among other things. It is a mutual cooperation exercise which will greatly aid all nations involved in one way or another.

The exercise will conclude the 28 April.