The Last Coup and Democracy’s Victory in Turkey

By: Ergün Yildirim

We have just turned from being on the verge of a big calamity. We just overcame an uprise that busted into the Armed Forces General Staff, the hotel the President stayed in and into TRT national television, an uprise that martyred many people. These furious bandits tried to stage a coup. And they did everything possible to make sure it worked, the worst of which was to bomb the Parliament. Because the Turkish Grand National Assembly is the willpower of the people. Because it is the place which steered the struggle for independence, the place in which the republic was founded in, the place in which the nation moved onto democracy. Therefore, bombing the Parliament would be to attack everything that it stands for. It means attacking the nation’s spirit, the struggle for independence, democracy, and the people. It isn’t a building that was bombed. It was the nation that was bombed, democracy and independence. It is our country that has been bombed.

What is it that can bomb the nation, independence, and the republic?

Where do they get this strength from, what are their emotions, how did they become so estranged? Just when we all thought a coupist mentality would never rise again, suddenly a cold war with its coldest face surfaced.­ Did you pay attention? They consorted to the schematic methods of 1960 and 1982. They occupied TRT, forced the anchorwoman to read a declaration, accused politicians of disloyalty, and busted the Turkish Armed Forces General Staff (TSK). Yet, this time, they didn’t base it on the chain of command hierarchy. It happened with the attempt of a small group within the military. Yet, the mindset they chose is an outworn mindset. They believed they could bring the people to their knees with bombs, tanks, and war crafts. They thought they could abolish democracy with guns.

None of the previous coupists bombed the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM). These bandits did exactly this. This is the most important indication of treason, occupation, and terror. They can now be proud of themselves! They have just made it into the black pages of history. Their attempt to bomb the TBMM will never be forgotten. This is enough shame for them. Those who use the military against the people will never be forgotten. They bombed us via the state, while the terrorists bombed us from the outside. The terrorists tried to devastate the state by attacking from the outside; they did it within the state. While the terrorists shot at our police officers, so did they. Terrorists bombed everyone without distinguishing between men, women or children; neither did they. The terrorists tried to portray the Turkish Republic as a powerless, incapable entity; so did they.

They attempted to turn Turkey into Syria, Iraq, Egypt. The coupist bandits, the PKK terrorists, and Daesh tried to drag our country into chaos. They wanted to turn our country into a land in which no state willpower would operate, terrorists and coupists could roam freely. And it all happened just when everything started to normalize, just when a new foreign policy came into force and polarization was pushed aside. Turkey was put into the target. And finally, the state and its entities were all attacked. This is exactly a parallel state.

Turkey just overcame a major threat. A coup attempt just failed, and democracy won a victory. Our President, our Prime Minister, party leadership the people stood against the coup. People poured into the streets and stood up for democracy. The Government stood strong in the hardest of times. And protected its legitimate state. Erdogan stood strong, with the integrity of a commander in chief. Everyone was shown that Turkey wasn’t Syria, Iraq or Egypt. This last coup attempt has shown that the new Turkey movement is a must. We should immediately make a new constitution. We should overcome polarization. We should renew this system whether it’s full presidency, half presidency, or party presidency. Our military should be independent from politics. We should move away from deep chaotic discussions and move onto reconciliation and a new unity.

* Ergün Yildirim is a Turkish columnist in Yeni Şafak daily newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak on Sunday, July 17, 2016)