International group accuses Egypt and UAE of undermining reconciliation in Libya

The International Work Group for Libya has slammed the UAE and Egypt for undermining the national reconciliation efforts in the country and failing the UNSMIL by bribing its employees to favor one political party over the other, besides wreaking havoc in the country.

International Work Group for Libya is an NGO formed to push for a solution to the Libyan crisis.

“The UAE has used UNSMIL envoys for inhumane acts. It bribed the former UN envoy to Libya Bernardino Leon to divide Libyans.” The group said in a statement, adding that Ghassan Salame is now silent regarding the crimes committed by militias in Benghazi, Sabha and elsewhere, citing his silence towards Derna siege.

The statement also adds that Salame has been working on legitimizing Khalifa Haftar more than working on condemning his crimes and brining him and others to the International Criminal Court.

Worth mentioning is the call Salame claimed to have made with Haftar while in Paris for treatment, while media reports all agreed that if Haftar was alive, he would not be able to talk.

The group also said that Egypt’s Al-Sisi has been attempting over the last four years to disperse the efforts to unite the Libyan military institution by also briberies to the UNSMIL staffers.

“We launched an international campaign to activate the UN Security Council resolutions against perpetrators of crimes against humanity,” the statement reads, pointing out that it will continue to work to end the obstacles against making a state in the country, including the militias that are using arms bought by Libyans’ money embezzled by Gaddafi’s regime and deposited in UAE banks.

“We will hold a presser in two weeks’ time for explaining out vision.” It added.

Former Libyan Prime Minister, Omar Al-Hassi, announced the formation the International Work Group for Libya headed by him with Mahmoud Refaat; the President the European Institute for Intl. Law and Foreign Affairs, as the manager.