US-Saudi-UAE Plan: Establish a ‘Conservative Front,’ Topple Erdoğan, Stop Turkey

President Donald Trump poses for photos with King Salman and others at the Arab Islamic American Summit, at the King Abdulaziz Conference Center, Sunday, May 21, 2017, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

By: İbrahim Karagül*

We are going to be discussing the terms “conservative opposition” and “conservative intervention” quite often in the upcoming period. We know of the multinational interventions against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the historic/political march led by him and Turkey’s new rising period that started a century later. The Gezi Park events, Dec. 17/25 and the July 15 attack were each a foreign intervention, a multinational operation.

They were attacks to confine the Republic of Turkey in the Atlantic axis and to take it hostage. This process started with the Feb. 28 coup and is still ongoing. Because they were afraid. If Turkey leaves behind the 20th century, the region would change and their areas of power in the region that belongs to us would disappear. This is what they are afraid of. Because Turkey had started this process. This is why Turkey’s great march had to be stopped. The continuity of the Seljuks, Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey should not turn into the establishment of a new power. That political genetic had to be destroyed.

The UAE is behind everything: This country is conducting operations on the inside

July 15 was just a project of the U.S., of Israel, of the European countries that have today taken under protection members of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), but it had regional supporters. There were regional states and terrorist organizations, capital circles that received a tender from this consortium. FETÖ was funded by countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE); they were at the center of this multinational attack. They were involved in it with their assassins, terrorist organizations and the secret agreements they made with FETÖ in Dubai.

This country is still the same. Today, it is involved in all the covert operations aimed at Turkey. As a matter of fact, it encourages and controls these. It wants to stop Turkey as much as Israel and the U.S. do. Because it is taking orders from them. It is this country that always has a hand in the projects to turn the Arab world into an enemy against Turkey and in the terror corridor in northern Syria. It is using Arab nationalism as a cover and conducting operations both in the region and on the “inside.” This is why the UAE-Saudi-Israel-U.S. axis was established. It was founded to stop Turkey. It was founded to negate the Afrin operation and to succeed in that multinational project aimed to siege our country.

What is the ‘inside operation,’ who are they funding?

They can no longer do anything from the outside. They cannot siege or close in; their threats do not work, they do not yield results. Regardless of how large a front they establish, even if they release all the terror organizations in the region on the ground, it no longer works.

They are working on scenarios again like they did through FETÖ. They are considering who they can use on this inside; they are considering with which political language and with which opposition formation they can use to mobilize.

Great attention needs to be paid to who is filling the void left by FETÖ, who has replaced this area, who the multinational will that is controlling that void is cooperating with after July 15. Even though we are fighting for “localism,” thinking that those on the outside have given up their claim after July 15 is a historic political blindness.

An in-depth questioning into the kind of relationship they have these days and with whom, the kind of coalition that is being formed on the inside, the circles with which they are in contact, the kind of role the countries in the region – like the UAE – play in such contacts, who they are getting close to and as a matter of fact, who they are funding and how, is a serious need.

A new multinational intervention plan: Conservative intervention

Because this is not an issue of internal politics; it is completely an issue of designing the Turkey of the 21st century, and the new state of the “internal operation” is a multinational intervention aimed at “stopping Turkey.”

After this time onward, it is not going to be possible to change the power domain in Turkey with a political block that is not “conservative.” Those who want to topple Erdoğan are going to try to do this with a conservative block. Those who want to stop Turkey’s historic rise are working through conservative opposition and a language of objection. They too know that they have no other option.

They did their first conservative experiment through FETÖ. They have been building terrorist organizations, which assume the “Islamic” identity, in this region for 30 years and have been carrying out an invasion through them. This is a project to get Islam to fight Islam and a project in which the West brings a civilization to its knees.

Conservatism, Islamism, localism and the innocent opposition language

After armed organizations, they started planting conservative or Islamist structures in the civilian area. They did this and are continuing to do this in all Muslim countries. They are now using these structures to establish power. They did the same with FETÖ using weapons.

But unless attention is paid to the new formations of the internal operation, the political genetic this country has been continuing since the Seljuks will be destroyed. This march will be stopped.

Conservative-Islamic structures should have a nationalist quality and a responsibility of being local and belonging to these lands.

Hence, these structures and circles, through justifications and objections that are presented as “innocent,” can lead to a great historic regress, to a collapse and to this country being taken hostage again. Nobody should get upset, I don’t want to implicate anyone. I am not ill-intentioned. But I have the right to openly state that I perceive such a danger.

Are the latest discussions the precursor of a political wave?

A U.S.-U.K.-Saudi-UAE intervention can be sensed – and within this path too. All the games, setups in the region are signaling an “internal intervention.” I think that nowadays we need to draw attention to UAE-Saudi fundings for this reason in particular. I have no doubt that the UAE’s new area of operation is going to be carried out through conservative circles.

Take into consideration the recent discussions from this perspective. Could the strange discussions, carried out by certain religious people and groups, limited to a restricted area of religious jurisprudence, usually caricatured through discussions of women, be the precursor of a political language?

Why can’t ‘Muslim leaders’ produce anything!

I can say that the overwhelming majority of Muslim intellectuals, religious leaders and prominent people are unfortunately not producing any powerful statement or discourse about this age, that they are unable to give anything to Turkey and the region, as a matter of fact to the world and that instead of this they take refuge in small, silly matters.

We are in an age of depression. History is changing. The region is being re-established. The world system is becoming topsy-turvy. A great storm is approaching and we are unable to say anything against all this. The West is fighting against Islam, but our side is producing nothing against this, they are unable to present any perspective. They continue to ciruclate around every day, marginal matters.

Don’t get angry, I wanted to draw attention to a danger

They cannot do this, but some are able to take a role in every stage of the “inside operation.” Frankly, these circles are the structures that are most easily used for multinational interventions in the “operational sense” today. They are easily released on the ground in covert projects. This is the new area of operation through the UAE-Saudi Arabia. The most effective intervention of 2018 is going to be in this area.

They are forming a “conservative opposition” for now. Immediately after, the “conservative intervention” is going to be launched. They are not going to succeed, but a while later, everybody will see that this is a multinational operation, that the oil funds, the U.K. mind, U.S. power and Israeli aggression are behind it.

Don’t get angry, I just wanted to draw attention. To be continued…

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on March 13, 2018)