Analysis: Is Iran is on a spin to fall?

Analysis: Is Iran is on a spin to fall?

Iran has over several decades established militias in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. In Iraq, it secured ample public support and easy access to move arms and troops. This luxury will not last forever.

Iraq had fought more than sixty occupations in its 6000-year history and expelled all. Iran too has a history; it never won a war against Arabs.

Significant casualties in Syria in terms of both soldiers and generals prove the terrorist state as an enemy.

In Yemen, Iran is under the mob. In a matter of months, it will not have a patch or trace on Yemeni soil.

Iran’s biggest fear begins in Lebanon. Hezbollah, the elite terrorist group, is all it controls. The group has lost most public support; yesterday’s friends, Shias and Sunnis, believe the terrorist group should leave Syria immediately and be disarmed before returning. Even though the terrorist group controls a good portion of the internal security and army, the public support it enjoyed for years has all but gone. Hassan Nasrallah, the hero of the past, is now looked at the most low-level traitor throughout the Arab and Muslim world.

The majority of Lebanese of various political cultures and religious backgrounds can’t stand by and watch innocent Syrians butchered by Hezbollah, Iran and its militias, Assad “army” and its fake enemy, ISIS, PPK and other terrorist groups including Putin, the proxy warrior of Mr. Obama.

Lebanon is sitting on a time bomb, a well-cooked volcano. For now, the volcano is in a simmering state; you could see the gray steam for miles. The country hasn’t had a president for more than two years because Hezbollah’s MPs’ boycott of the Parliament. In essence, these MPs are war criminals.

The Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri has the constitutional right and power to terminate the status of these MPs; he would not do it while a gun pointed at his head. The Speaker is too in default. He is required by the constitution to dissolve the Parliament and call for an election as soon as possible.

Salam’s government is also in default. The prime minister has no power at all on foreign policy, internal security, social and economic affairs and has little support from the people. Nearly half of Salam’s government represents Hezbollah, the biggest despicable terrorist organization in the region. These terrorists hold Lebanon hostage, yet their representatives continue to receive paychecks.

Lebanese-Syrian relations

More than half of Lebanon’s population has immediate roots connection with Syrian families dating back to thousands of years. These links survived scores of occupations and wars but always remained siblings. Bashar Assad and his co-conspirators are trying hard to break the historical bond, but so far failed.

Lebanon under Rafic Hariri had world respect and support. He rebuilt the country from ashes in just a few years. Murderers in Syria, states and militias belong to the same gangsters’ club masterminded Hariri’s assassination. The Special International Tribunal, established by the U.N. on March 1, 2009, has named five alleged assassins, who are members of Hezbollah; each has died in rather mysterious fashion; real elimination or movie-style killing is the question boggling analysts. Only the Special Tribunal of The Hague, Netherlands, can provide the facts.

The Lebanese army does not allow Syrian refugees to cross the border. Those who refuse to return to Bashar’s slaughter house receive bullets at the border. The influx of Hezbollah’s fighters into Syria to replace the bodies returned in bags doesn’t go through the army’s checkpoints. The Lebanese command covers Hezbollah’s back at the frontier and provides logistic and intelligence information.

The Lebanese army has a track record of fighting poor refugees. In 2007, it raided and bombed Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared, 16 kilometers from Tripoli. Five days of bombing flattened the camp, killed and injured thousands. The army held a victory ceremony in the capital; generals and noted soldiers received decorations.

When Lebanon drowned in a civil war, the army disappeared; Israel invaded the country, the army hid arms and uniforms and put on civilian clothes. Iran

Previous Lebanese governments including the present one have the worse hospitable record of refugees. Palestinians have lived in camps not fit for animals for nearly seventy years. Syrians refugees are not welcomed guests also. They face beating, forced prostitution, and cheap labor.

Hezbollah and the Syrian Crisis

The opinion of most political analysts before Hezbollah joined Bashar’s war on the Syrian people saw Lebanon safe from the war flames. Today, the fires are sliding like lazy lava until the tolerance level of the volcano explodes. Lebanese ministers and MPs will then wish they were in Bashar’s harsh prisons. Iran

Hezbollah’s move into Syria was suicidal from the beginning. After the massive atrocities and war crimes, it cannot escape the inevitable end as a terrorist organization and political party. Not even Iran’s backing, Russia’s air cover, or the U.S Marines could save the terrorist organization. It cannot escape the crossfire awaiting it. Once the volcano bursts, most Lebanese will unite and take up arms against Hezbollah and the dictator in Syria. Nasrallah’s fighters ordered to return to base will have Syrian revolutionary fighters chasing them with fire; Lebanese commandos will meet them with bullets, not flowers. Iran

Iran’s intention to replicate Hezbollah in Iraq, Syria and Yemen is coming to defeat. The pilot project in Lebanon is already in shambles; its fake enemies, ISIS, PPK and other militias, cannot fight without Putin’s air cover and Obama’s silence. Russia is about to go bankrupt. The U.S. still suffers from the financial crash of 2008/2009. It has lost or about to lose major trades and massive investments from the region which are likely to cause a catastrophic crash hundred times the size of the recent crash that hasn’t ended yet.

Iran’s pyramids of terrorism will unwind quickly like a spindle on a dizzy spool as soon as Lebanon opens armed front against the dictator in Syria.