Terror begins with names: Daesh and Muslims, PKK-PYD and Kurds

Yasin AktayBY: Yasin Aktay

While on one side there are calls for peace on the media, the same websites, the very same publishing groups continue to cry out, “On with resistance in Afrin to the death” and “War against fascism.”

Who is the resistance against? Who is fascist? Who is imperialism? Who are you? A strange discourse with a terrible foundation and intention that destroys the meaning of all words.

Essentially, there is an interesting violence in all discourses of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization that makes everything senseless, that irreversibly and entirely cuts off the connection between the name and the named, and is targeting perceptions.

We had mentioned it before, for example, the man who raids a village with a gun and savagely massacres innocent people and the man who is going to commit a suicide attack, both say “peace.”

When emphasizing the racist difference between peoples and when discussing “Turkishness” among Kurds as an object of hate, they tediously repeat the term “the fraternity of the people.”

Even in a situation where all decisions are dictated from the Qandil Mountains, nobody can elect their own deputy, mayor or administrator and everybody is obliged to vote for a candidate imposed on them, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) uses the term “democracy” more than all the other political parties.

During the reconciliation process, they made it impossible for peoples to coexist. In many cities, they gave no chance to the Arabs, Zazas, Turks and all the Kurds who are not dependent on them other than to leave the city or die, yet the party is named the “Peoples’ Democratic Party.”

They started a process they termed “self-government.” Everybody thought that they were going to contribute to a process that would contribute to the strengthening of local administrations, which is a positive world-standard process that is on the government’s agenda. Yet, what they called self-government was nothing other than paralyzing cities with the trenches they made children, who they armed, dig up and making life hell for Kurds.

The HDP has no right whatsoever to talk about the people, brotherhood, democracy or peace, yet they are the ones who talk about it the most. It is an interesting case of shamelessness. The more it talks about these terms, while armed, hostile and furious, the more it destroys any agreement concerning a common perception of reality.

The same process applies to the discourses of the PKK’s Syrian affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its constituents, does it not? For example, they say the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), but what democratic processes does it go through before it takes on this name? For example, this organization is carrying out a division process, a process that all the sides in Syria oppose. How much has democracy been addressed and in which stage within this process? What kind of a democratic process has taken place in Manbij, where more than 90 percent of the population is Arab, that PYD elements, who are guilty of committing ethnic cleansing – a crime against humanity – there, have taken over control?

The violence on perceptions through naming is an act of terrorism that targets our sense of truth. It has been seen that the PKK-U.S. duo’s relations are quite deep-rooted – so did the U.S. learn this method of terrorism from the PKK or does this tactic belong to the U.S.?

Is it not the same kind of terrorism for Daesh, which has no relation at all to Islam or any state phenomenon, to prance around with the name “Islamic State”? The terrorism applied on the perception of Islam through the actions of the group that adopted this name and which have no relation to Islam at all is no different to the PKK’s terror on terms like democracy, peace and brotherhood.

Unfortunately, because of such terming, in many places now, Daesh is the sole thing that comes to mind upon the mention of “Islamic state.” Both the terms Islam and state have been usurped by a nondescript felonious terrorist organization.

Terming is, of course, is an important area of political tactics. However, all the terming carried out through both the PKK and all its other elements, as well as Daesh, also show that this has turned into a corrupt area of hijack that knows no rules.

How possible can its claim of representing Kurds be with such corruption that started in the most basic area of terming? Of course, the HDP congress held on the weekend did not hold back from portraying Turkey’s war of defense against the imperialists in Afrin like a war against Kurds. Despite all the emphasis on the peoples’ brotherhood, it could not tolerate seeing the Turkish flag.

The PKK that set off by taking the name, “Kurdistan Workers’ Party,” has never had any interest in neither workers nor Kurds. Together with its PYD-YPG elements, which they love dearly and lean on, they shamelessly and disgracefully don the flag of the U.S., which has come to the region with entirely imperialist intentions and plans.

Who is this resistance you talk about against? What Kurdishness are you talking about? Do you even have any courage and intention left to resist? In the laps of your masters, to whom you have surrendered your all, you are light years away from the Muslim Kurds. The PYD-PKK’s war is first and foremost against Kurds. A movement that determines a mission for Kurds to serve imperialists can be neither a friend nor a representative of Kurds.