To judge the US that supports terrorism

Yasin AktayBY: Yasin Aktay*

All these refugees in different countries is the most absolute proof that the conditions in their own country have become unbearable. Refugees bring the legitimacy of the regime in their country with them. Refugees are live witnesses that crimes against humanity are being committed in their country.

This flow of refugees continued when everything in Syria was left alone and when there was foreign intervention. Most of these refugees leave their country to escape the oppression of the regime but another part is escaping the cruelty of terrorist organizations. There is every kind of refugee in Turkey. There are those who escaped Assad’s oppression, and those Arabic-Turkmens and Kurdish people who escaped the ethnic cleansing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)’s Syrian branch, the PYD, and the oppression of Daesh.

Turkey is a country hosting the most people and the country hosting those who escaped the oppression of every sort of terrorist organization. Turkey, which is immediately affected by any activity in Syria and receives another wave migration each time, is a party that has the most right to speak and conduct an intervention regarding Syria due to this reason alone.

Frankly, due to this, anything going on in Syria is a domestic problem not a foreign problem for Turkey.

In comparison to Turkey’s position, the U.S. does not have any convincing argument to intervene in Syria from 5000 miles away. After making the fight against terrorism a global problem, a duty befalls the U.S. here. However, everything the U.S. does feeds terrorism rather than preventing it and amplifies the danger of terrorism. Because the actions that the U.S. takes to fight terrorism is about cooperating with other terrorist organizations instead of cooperating with countries affected directly by terrorism.

The U.S. is doing more than this. It arms an organization, whose reason for being in Syria is hostility against Turkey, with 5000 trucks and 2000 cargo planes filled with weapons. The U.S. expects us to believe that those weapons were given to be used only in the fight against Daesh. Let it expect that. Of course we weren’t going to believe that. We made it obvious that we did not believe it and expressed it openly. We openly announced to the entire world that the U.S. is redhandedly supporting a terrorist organization.

In fact, never before in its history has the U.S. been caught more red-handedly.

When this is advanced upon successfully, the gains resulting from this will be beneficial not only for Turkey but for the entire world. Because the entire world has suffered from this kind of illegal, conspiratorial acts of the U.S. for a long time ,but nobody had enough courage to oppose it, nor had they blatant, strong, evidenced files like ours to criticize those activities harshly and call it to the stage of international law.

However, what the U.S. did in Syria is the kind of crimes that will put it in a tight spot in the eyes of its own citizens, law and political institutions. It is fatal that U.S. citizens ask the following question to its war and intelligence agencies: Despite your NATO ally, how can you cooperate with and arm a structure which is listed among terrorist organizations even in your own records, even if it is for a fight against another terrorist organization?

It is inevitable that this dirty relationship the U.S. administrators have ventured into for whatever reason will eventually be judged as a scandal within the U.S. justice system. As I say this, you might think that I am too optimistic regarding the U.S. law.

The U.S. more or less has a structure where a separation of powers and internal debates intensely occur. However, we must, among ourselves, strongly and cooperatively hold on to our legitimacy as a first step in order to make these developments happen. Unfortunately, when it is Turkey’s main opposition party and its leader that dilute Turkey’s completely rightful position, we have to be more optimistic than necessary about the justice that will result from the U.S. system.

Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu continues his attempts to dilute Turkey’s Afrin Operation as the U.S. comes from 5000 miles away and carries out an unbelievable war preparation against our country through a terrorist organization.

As he was saying that Turkey’s gunpowder was depleted as if he had been inviting Turkey’s enemies to continue to fight at the beginning of the war, now he says we should not advance deeper into Afrin.

Why? What kind of concern does the possibility of eradicating the threat completely cause for Kılıçdaroğlu? There will be many martyrs and it will be unfortunate, he says. Aren’t there martyrs when Turkey is not involved? When Turkey does not go there, they come here. Can’t you see this?

We are talking about 5000 trucks and 2000 cargo planes filled with weapons. We talk about an Afrin that is being made into a Qandil… Aren’t these regarded as the possibilities of more martyrs in the future?

From where are you looking at what’s happening dear Kılıçdaroğlu?