Russian jets attack Aleppo with Napalm and white phosphorus

Russian jets attack Aleppo with Napalm and white phosphorus

Russian warplanes launched, Tuesday morning, tens of air raids on the cities and towns of Aleppo’s northern and western countrysides using the internationally-prohibited cluster bombs, Napalm bombs, and white phosphorus, activists reported.

7 Russian warplanes took turns in bombing the towns and cities of Anadan, Hreitan, Maret al-Arteeq, Kafr Hamra, Yaqed al-Adas, Babees, and al-Mallah, to the north and west of Aleppo city, with more than 50 air raids, resulting in mass destruction and huge fires.

Activists published a video footage which showed the moment the bombs fell, the flames of the bombs, and the moment they hit the ground, causing massive explosions and fires.

In a similar context, Russian helicopters dropped, today, 2 barrel bombs on al-Mashhad neighborhood, leading to the death of 2 civilians and the injury of others, said Khalid Abu al-Majd, Orient News correspondent.

Meanwhile, Assad regime’s artillery and jets killed 3 civilians and injured many after continuously targeting al-Castello Road.

Massacres in Aleppo

Assad regime’s jets attacked on Friday, using barrel and cylinder bombs , Aleppo’s al-Katerji residential neighbourhood. The attacks took the lives of 23 civilians and seriously injured many others, activists reported.

The aerial attacks target civilians in residential neighbourhoods indiscriminately and blindly. The areas are purely residential and contain no military presence whatsoever. These attacks are carried out to kill as many Syrians as possible, a civilian from the targeted neighbourhood told Orient News correspondent.

Assad regime jets follow the twin attack policy. They attack the same place twice; the first attack hits, and when people and medics gather, air attacks carried out again, activists reported.