Column: A ghost is haunting the US

BY: Yasin Aktay*

When President Erdoğan said that “the world is bigger than five,” he also expressed the UN’s inability to create solutions for the urgent and chronic issues of today’s world along with pointing out how unfair and undemocratic the organization of the United Nations is.

In fact, the issue of not being just and democratic and not being able to provide solutions are two big issues that develop in connection with each other. Today, massacres and crimes against humanity happen right in front of the eyes of the world in an almost continuous manner.

The world order is not capable of reacting to these crimes because these crimes are defended as they are committed either by the UN itself or at least one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council who have veto powers. A massacre took place in Iraq by the hand of the U.S. under the pretext of bringing democracy to the country. However, no country was able to act against the U.S.

Despite all the massacres and crimes against humanity that Assad has committed in Syria, with the protection of Russia and China, he is able to get away with these persecutions and cruelties. The UN cannot even declare these events as crimes as long as this protection continues.

Since all actions of Israel violating international laws are protected by the U.S., it creates an area of privilege to be above or excluded from the law. For this reason, Israel is able to ignore resolutions that are made against it and maintain its contented attitude against international law.

The veto power of five countries has turned international law and human rights into void statements nobody believes exists and a discourse that leading countries can use to oppress the weak.

This system of the UN does not create justice for this reason, and it narrows the area of politics. As a matter of fact, when an initiative against the actions of the U.S. and Israel unexpectedly emerged from that narrow area, the surprise of those two countries was typically reflected on the statements of Trump, the U.S and the Israeli spokesmen.

They obviously thought that the UN bureaucracy “whose salary they paid” was under control and that they had all the warrants required to prevent them act against the U.S. This also shows what kind of UN vision and world perception they have.

For this very reason, the drafted resolution that was accepted with the initiatives of Turkey and Yemen and turned into a sort of uprising against the dictatorship of the U.S. over the world deserves to go down in the history of international politics as a political move that emerged in a very narrow space. Of course, this also says; “There’s no reason to lose hope from politics no matter how narrow the area of maneuver is. There are means in the most difficult situations, an exit in the most helpless of situations and something to do in the most desperate situations. Those who lose their hopes for politics consume the already narrow space.

However, President Erdoğan, who demanded the impossible in the current international political climate, displayed how great maneuvers can be made even in this narrow area of space and how the atmosphere of the world can change in a moment. As long as we follow our destination and don’t give in to the superiority of the cruel with our sorrow and helplessness.

Turkey’s approach in international relations, which doesn’t see it as an area where only interests are important, is found to be too idealistic. However, it is clearly proven how much the world needs such a policy and how such a policy can be helpful when moves are timely made.

There’s already an unrest against the churlish attitude of the U.S. in the world that keeps growing. Only a strong will is required to turn this into politics or an efficient opposition.

Now, we have that strong will.

With this will, we can say that a ghost is haunting the unjust world order created by the U.S.

Is this ghost David who struck Goliath in his eye with his slingshot?

Is it Selahaddin Eyyubi who ended the crusader occupation of Jerusalem? Or is it the innocent but revolting children of Palestine who lost their homeland? Is it the lament of a nation who lost their nation for a Zionist Theo-fantasy? Is it the crushing curse of women who were raped and the children who were orphaned in Iraq? Or the poor people of Myanmar who could or couldn’t escape death?

They are all behind Turkey. They are all in Jerusalem and wandering over the world.

There’s no escape from the end that Jerusalem promises for the cruel.

*Yasin Aktay is a member of the Turkish parliament and a leading figure of the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) in Turkey. (Published in Yeni Şafak Turkısh newspaper)