Study : Syrian refugees in Turkey may exceed 3 million


According to a report prepared by Turkey’s top employer body and academics, the number of Syrian refugees in Turkey may exceed three million soon.

Official statistics showing that 2.2 million Syrian refugees are residing in Turkey, 50 percent of them has more or less become permanent. Only ten percent of them -reported as the poorest and most fragile population by the study- currently resides in refugee camps.

The study said that at least 150,000 Syrian babies were born in Turkey, and around 1.8 million Syrian population in Turkey are under the age of 18.
The report mentioned that over 300.000 refugees work without social security, and only 3,686 were given official work permits since 2011.
The study recommended that Turkey should take urgent measures to integrate this population.

So far, more than $7.6 billion was directly spent for Syrian refugees, of which Turkey’s public funds provided 95 percent.