Detained Rif Activists Summoned for “Extensive” Interrogation

A number of leading detained activists from Al Hoceima and other towns in the Rif were reportedly called for “extensive” interrogations on Monday.

Al Yaoum24 said that two activists detained in Casablanca’s Oukacha Prison were called on Monday for extensive interrogation. Ten others were summoned by the investigating judge at the Casablanca Court of Appeal last week for the same reason.

Nasser Zafzafi, the most prominent member of Hirak (Rif protest movement), is due to appear before the investigating judge on July 10.

Zafzafi was arrested on May 29, three days after he interrupted a Friday prayer sermon that he deemed critical of Hirak.

Prior to his arrest, he was seen as a leader of Hirak, due to being the most outspoken activist, whose speeches galvanized large crowds into continuing their protests.

He and other detained activists, a number the government has said totals 93, are charged with heavy crimes, including “undermining the integrity of the Kingdom and its sovereignty”, “holding armed protests” and “undermining the loyalty of the citizens towards the Moroccan State and the institutions of the Moroccan people”.

Releasing the detained activists has been a highpriority demand for the protest movement. For over eight months, Hirak has called for development projects in Al Hoceima and its nearby towns, which suffer from high rates of unemployment and cancerous diseases.