Morocco Government Coalition: Benkirane to Start Last Negotiations

Morocco’s appointed Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane will reportedly start a new round of deliberation to form a government coalition following the end of King Mohammed VI’s tour of the African continent.

During the latest, currently on-going meeting of the Secretariat General of the Justice and Development party (PJD), Benkirane will negotiate with the major parties of the former government coalition, including the PJD, Progress and Socialism Party (PPS), the National Rally of Independent (RNI) and the Popular Movement (MP).

Following the coalition of Constitutional Union (CU)  and RNI  members of parliament, the CU might also end up as one of the parties that will lead the government in the next five years.

It was reported that the Social Union of Popular Forces (USFP) would not join the government, despite its party’s member Lahbib El Malki who was selected to lead the House of Representatives in January.

Benkirane is currently facing a dilemma. His ongoing mission remains forming a coalition government and finding a solution to what has become known in Morocco as the “Government Blockage.”

If Benkirane does not manage to form a government coalition, he will have to submit a report to King Mohammed VI outlining the obstacles of accomplishing his mission after four months of delay following his appointment as Head of Government on October 10th.