Egyptians call Al-Sisi “disgusting” after his behavior in front of cameras

A video has been recently circulated on social networking sites ridiculing Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who appeared while clearing his nose and keeping the dirty tissue in his sleeve. Egyptians considered Al-Sisi’s public behavior in front of cameras as a disgusting act.

During the inauguration of the FIFA World Youth Championship – 2017, one of the cameras covering the international sporting event captured Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi while sniffing his nose in front of a crowd of attendees and then putting the dirty tissue -that he used- inside the left sleeve of his jacket.

The footage was not so clear as Al-Sisi was hiding behind a specially designed safety glass to separate him as well as his government from the crowd who rallied to watch the international tournament.

Reaction of Egyptian social media users 

Many Egyptian social media users reacted sarcastically to the video as follows:

Haitham Abu Khalil, a rights activist, wrote on Twitter: [Oh, my God! They mocked President Morsi when he once used a tissue in public; now Al-Sisi’s (disgusting) behavior is a kind of unintentional compensation for Morsi .]

Another tweet by Faylasoof Mutashared read: [Do you remember when they mocked President Morsi because he once used a tissue for clearing his nose in public. Now, Al-Sisi snifffed his nose and kept the dirty tissue in his sleeve. ]

Moreover, Egyptian activists have launched a hashtag in the Arabic language that translates [Mucus_of_Al-Sisi] mocking A-Sisi’s disgusting behavior before cameras.

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