A Young Man Found Dead after Being Arrested by Egyptian Security Forces

A security source in Giza General Directorate stated that the Egyptian security forces have increased their presence around Imbaba police station after the protest of dozens of the family of a young man whose body was found dead as a result of drowning, according to Rassd.

The security source said that security forces chased a criminal element in a market in Imbaba for having “cannabis” in his possession. He added that after he was caught, he managed to escape, but his body was found later mired in the same area.

Also, some people said that the person who was arrested by the security forces is the same young man who was found dead as a result of drowning.

In this context, General Khaled Shalaby -the chief of the Giza General Directorate-said that the security forces have found the body of a young man who has clinically died as a result of drowning and that near the al-Qanna market in Imbaba. He added that the young man was transferred to the hospital and then to the morgue after his death was confirmed.

General Khaled Shalaby also said in a press conference that the person whose body was found had been chased for acquiring cannabis two days ago, but he escaped after he was caught by the police. He ensured that the young man didn’t die inside the police station.

The general prosecution has decided to call the young man’s father to hear his testimony and allegations against the security forces for being responsible for his son’s death. Moreover, the prosecution has assigned the forensic autopsy to investigate the reason behind his death.

The primary investigation-which was supervised by Imbaba police station-stated that the reason behind his death was drowning after his escape from the police.

In this context, the mother of the young man Mohamed Samir said that her son (24 years old), who works as Birds seller in Imbaba market, was caught by a low rank police officer for suspicious. She said that the police officer dragged her son in front of all of the sellers in the market to the police station. She added that when they went to the police station the next day to ask about him, the police officers told them he wasn’t there. Then, they received a call that his body was in Zeinhom morgue as it was found shot after he was drowned in the Nile river!!

Egyptian security forces are known for their brutal behavior and torture against detainees. Moreover, Egypt has witnessed a wide range of violence, torture, enforced disappearances and killing by the Egyptian security forces since the military coup in 2013.

Even foreigners were submitted to violence and deaths. On the fifth anniversary of January Revolution, the Italian student Giulio Regeni disappeared then his body was found tortured and dead; carrying the signs of the Egyptian security forces torture methods.

Accordingly it isn’t a coincidence to find the name of Gen. Khaled Shalaby in this case as it was found also in Regeni’s case too. Gen Shalaby was head of CID in Giza governorate, which covers west Cairo, and was convicted in 2003 of torturing and killing a detainee in Alexandria. He returned to work after being given a suspended sentence.

An anonymous source quoted by the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, implicated Shalaby’s involvement and other  officials in Regen’s death as well as al-Sisi .He said that Regeni had been put under surveillance by Gen. Shalabi, and then arrested and beaten upon his orders. It claimed that he was then transferred first to homeland security and then to military intelligence, where he was ultimately killed.