Column: From ‘super US’ to organization state… Historical drift, great collapse…

İbrahim KaragülBy: İbrahim Karagül* 

The U.S. administration’s supporting terrorist organizations and, as a matter of fact, controlling them, is now a reality that is even beyond debate. The U.S., which started a global fight against terrorism immediately after the collapse of the Soviets and declared the 21st century the era of fighting terrorism, has gone into history as the world’s biggest financier of terrorism, as its chief supporter.

There is now an America that wants to bring many countries to their knees through terrorism, that shows even its allies as targets to terrorist organizations, that is trying to get a NATO ally like Turkey into civil war through organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and divide the country.

Biggest disintegration in US history

A terror state emerged from a super state that will shape the world of the 21st century. What’s left is a state that is following terrorist organizations. The U.S. no longer thinks like a state but an organization. The state mind has been replaced by the organization mind. The Barack Obama term has been the peak of this disintegration and in fact this mental collapse. This is the greatest disintegration in U.S. history.

The U.S., which failed to implement the Neocons’ New American Century plans as a state, is now trying to achieve these objectives through terrorist organizations, terrorist attacks. Efforts are made to destabilize many countries, like Turkey, to make them bow down through these methods. It will never be possible for those who failed to design the 21st century as a state to achieve this through organizations.

Three realities: It will never be able to become a world leader

All of the inadequacies and weaknesses of the U.S. on the path to forming a new world order were revealed especially in the probe that started after the invasion of Iraq. These are, its lack of the moral maturity to lead the world, not having enough economic power to govern the world and not having enough military power to keep the world under control.

These three realities have finished the U.S.’s credit and thrown it off the leadership position. It is right in this period especially that Asian countries started to rise and with this rise that they started to confront U.S. authority and called the world to join in this confrontation.

It failed to rule the world, now it is taking revenge on the world

During the Obama administration, even more critical examples were added to these three realities and the Washington administration began exporting terrorism to the world. The U.S., which failed to rule the world, started to take revenge on the world, got into a war with the world instead of eliminating these deficiencies.

The U.S. state mind regressing into the category of terror and organization – which is marketed like a deep strategy, but actually gives the impression of a major weakness – is not going to be able to harm the world as much as believed, it is not going to be possible to take the world under control with this fear. On the contrary, this fear policy, this bloody politics is going to harm the U.S. itself; it is going to lose completely what little reputation it has left. The U.S. is going to become the greatest threat for the world

US loses charm with war on Islam

The U.S., which declared Islam as the biggest threat for the West after the Soviets and marketed this as the “global terror threat” and started anti-terror murders worldwide, has itself become a threat for the world. As a matter of fact, this state of being a threat happened through “terror” and the U.S. itself started being accused of terrorism.

In the past, many countries were held responsible for covert terror operations. The majority of accusations against the U.S. in this direction were based on ideology. Yet, today the situation is completely opposite; the situation can no longer be hidden.

The world’s most serious axis shift

Countries ensuring global legitimacy are changing places. As countries acting with a state mind, feeding the legitimate international channels are drifting away, the states accused by these countries are getting into the field of legitimacy. This is the world’s most serious axis shift, fracture.

The structure we call the international system has collapsed. A new structure could not be established and the power map has not settled into place. A period of ambiguity has taken the world hostage. In this period, certain countries will likely rapidly gain prominence. Turkey is one of these.

It is true that some countries have gained prominence with their obstinacy, aggression and the threats they have directed at the rested of the world. The world is either going to be dragged into great storms, chaos, or the U.S. and its close allies are immediately going to end these practices and pull themselves into the field of legitimacy.

Turkey is hope for the world

Turkey has fought terror for a considerable amount of years and has done most of this in other regions together with the U.S. However, now, Turkey is being shot in the heart by its allies and attacked by the organizations supported by its allies. Things are now beyond fine-tuning Turkey; our country is subject to direct attacks from allies.

The attacks stand out as plans to stop our country, to confine it to a certain axis and, as a matter of fact, to divide it. The operation to close in on the country from northern Syria and Iraq has turned into a destruction plan.

Ankara giving prominence to legitimacy, the state mind, international responsibility even in such a state, maintaining its maturity despite intense attacks, is hope for the world and the future. In this sense, Turkey is maturely passing the most serious test aimed at the global system establishment of the future.

You can’t stop Turkey like this; those days are over

We would like to remind the U.S. and its allies of these truths: Turkey is no longer a country you can design through terrorist organizations, frighten through terror, align through a couple public opinion operations, affect with the circles of influence you have been feeding for years.

Turkey is also no country that you can take over or divide through the PKK, its Syrian offshoot, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and FETÖ. It has been 25 years since the Cold War and you still think there is a Turkey you can control through those constricted circles. Also, the world is not the kind of world expected by the U.S. – it has never been and never will be.

It’s not anti-US sentiment; leave this discourse

In this case, there is also no sense in identifying all these as the old kind of “anti-American sentiment.” The situation has nothing to do with anti-American sentiment and you cannot market it in this way. You cannot drown or condemn the existing reaction through this discourse. Turkey’s mass reaction is not a rational reaction, it is a reaction to the surprise, disappointment in the U.S., as a state, aligning with terrorist organizations.

This is actually a warning to U.S. administrations, a call to the truth. The warning in question is not rising from Turkey alone. It is a message given by the overwhelming majority of the world and a warning for the benefit of the U.S. Because, very soon, a global-scale wave of warning will be knocking at the U.S.’s doors.

History has drifted outside the Atlantic

Obama will be remembered with the support he gave to terror, those romantic dreams of his and dragging the world and our region into disaster. And if the U.S. does not take to heed these warnings by the world, it will no longer be the U.S. and become the single threat for the world. Today, the U.S. represents terrorism and illegitimacy, while Turkey represents legitimacy, international responsibility and political maturity.

The U.S. will be remembered with blood, murder and civilian massacres; it will be remembered as an organization state. Turkey will be remembered with giving the world the right message, standing in the right place, making the right choices. History is now outside the Atlantic; that history will no longer be made around the Atlantic but in other regions of the world.

Stopping Turkey with Turkey?

You will be left empty-handed.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017)