Turkey ready to send humanitarian relief cargo to Yemen

Turkey has prepared an aid cargo to ship to Yemen, where thousands of civilians lost their lives due to cholera, and thousands wait for medicine for treatment.

Nearly 3 million people who were displaced due to the conflicts in Yemen which have been ongoing for more than two years are at risk of catching cholera almost every day owing to the lack of clean drinking water and absence of waste collection.

World Health Organization in a written statement noted that the number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen since April 27 had been 179,548, and 1, 205 deaths were reported.

Turkey’s Ministry of Health and the Turkish Red Crescent have turned a hand to the issue and initiated efforts to send humanitarian relief to Yemen. Within the scope of the efforts, the first cargo carrying aid to Yemen is ready to be shipped. The Ministry of Health and the Turkish Red Crescent announced the issue on their social media accounts.

The first cargo will be shipped today.

Turkish Red Crescent announced the shipment with the hashtag of #UmuduOl, which means “Be Humanity’s Hope” in Turkish.