Column: The attacker in Turkey’s Ortaköy is the American State of Terror

Tamer KorkmazBy: Tamer Korkmaz*

In 2016, Turkey was under the attack of the terrorist consortium (the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ), the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh) under the leadership of the killer U.S. It was only the second hour of the new year when the “We are going to hit and tire Turkey, exhaust it with terrorism in 2017” message was given in the attack that took place in Ortaköy.

Even though a Daesh-member terrorist being chosen as the hitman in the Ortaköy attack aims to make a “reverse maneuver” through the illusion of “targeting a new year celebration,” it does not change the fact that the deep address behind the murderer is the U.S./CIA.

The independent Muslim Turkey is in an “unnamed” war with the U.S., the engineer of terrorism in our region/the world.

Turkey’s recent military and diplomatic achievements (primarily the Syria issue) are badly disturbing the U.S.

A series of developments ranging from the ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield to preventing the PKK state the U.S. plans to found in north Syria, ensuring cease-fire in Syria and the rapid rapprochement between Turkey and Russia are making the U.S., the state of terror go crazy.

The terrorist attack on the Istanbul nightclub in Ortaköy was added to the bomb attacks in Beşiktaş and Kayseri and the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara – all in the last one month. All of these terrorist attacks are of the same nature.

Their goal and aim is the same.They were organized by the same deep center (the United Terror States of America).

It is clear that the deep U.S., which is aiming to create an atmosphere of chaos in Turkey (like it did in the 1990s), is using the “secular – anti-secular” polarization or conflict environment in our country once more.

The psychological operation that “radical religious” organizations were behind the “secular intelligentsia murders” in the ’90s was insistently continued for many years.

It was proven several times what a big lie this is.

Declarations such as “The attack has targeted life style,” following the attack in Ortaköy, by certain secular circles in Turkey, Republican People’s Party (CHP) mouthpieces in particular, is overshadowing the actual objective/real aim of the latest terrorist attack.

It is also covering the “headquarters” behind the terrorist.

In other words, it is “white washing” the killer U.S.

The U.S., which most recently shed the blood of innocent people in Ortaköy through its tool, the Daesh terror organization, has also tried to tarnish the independent Turkey’s Islamic identity through its “counterterror” attack showing a “fake flag.”

The CHP administration can never face the fact that the deep America recently had Daesh, which it invented back in the time, to attack Turkey numerous times.

The CHP, which is on the secularist front and has been slandering Turkey for the last three years with being close to Daesh, is now left alone with its defamation since it has become understood that Turkey is the only state fighting against Daesh with all its might and successfully.The truth that the U.S. is not fighting against Daesh, on the contrary, it had the terrorist organization attack Turkey, has recently become completely revealed. The CHP administration is closing its eyes “wide shut” to this truth.

It completely avoided marking the U.S., which was in the background of the Daesh terrorist attack in Ortaköy, and is now selling “The secular life style has been attacked” lie. They are now trying to divide Turkey through “life style.”

Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the pro-West/secular CHP is a chairman who gets prompted by the U.S. ambassador in Ankara. As a chairman who makes policies in accordance with the U.S.’s interests/aims, it is not possible for him to state the fact that the state behind the terrorist attacks on Turkey is the U.S.


Was it not Kılıçdaroğlu who spilled the beans a while ago by saying, “Blood will be shed if you insist on the presidential system”?

The “West idolater” CHP of “Kılıçdaroğlu who came to power with a sex tape,” is a party that is loyal to the U.S., which has spilled the blood of innocent people by the hand of the terrorist organizations under its control, with all its cells.

It is secular Kılıçdaroğlu’s U.S. that last attacked Turkey in Ortaköy, Istanbul.

*Tamer Korkmaz is a Turkish journalist and columnist. He writes for Yeni Safak daily newspaper.

   (Published in Yeni Safak newspaper on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017)