Turkish troops in Syria on high alert

Following a series of attacks by the US-backed PKK/PYD towards Turkish military stationed in Syria, the Turkish Armed Forces sent reinforcements and are on high alert, reported Turkish Yeni Safak newspaper.

The attacks of the PKK’s Syrian affiliate, the PYD, in the region where Turkey carried out the Operation Euphrates Shied, has led the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) to take action.

Attacks using grad missiles and 23 mm anti-aircraft guns are being launched from Tell Rifaat, Matar Minnag and Horbul, which are being occupied by the terrorist organization, to the city of Mare, targeting points that are close to the TAF and Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Within the past six days, 11 civilians have lost their lives in PKK/PYD attacks. As a result, tanks, howitzers, armored vehicles and troops have been dispatched to the region where the TAF is positioned.

The TAF and FSA are responding to the attacks of the US-backed PKK/PYD.

Doğan Süleyman, the commander of the Muhammad Fatih Division, of the opposition groups affiliated to the FSA, said that the attacks were coming from the strategic points of Tell Rifaat, Matar Minnag and Horbul.

In an exclusive interview with Yeni Şafak, Süleyman said the PYD was being provided with unmanned aerial vehicles and satellite support by foreign countries.

The commander added that agents within the region were conducting activities that were harmful to the TAF and that some of the agents went on to join the PKK/PYD terrorist organization.

The TAF is stationed in Tuveys, Kel Cibril, Dabik and Mare.

“The weapons used in the attacks are those given by the US to the PYD to use against Daesh. Heavy weapons, armored vehicles and mortars continue to enter the region through Haseki,” Süleyman said.

After the attacks on the TAF by the PKK/PYD, reinforcements were sent to Mare. The TAF continues to monitor regional developments and has increased its security measures. All fronts manned by the TAF are on high alert.